FICCI Councils

Economic and Public Policy Council

FICCI's Economic and Public Policy Council provides an institutionalized filtering mechanism and sounding board for FICCI's position on economic issues, both with a 'look to the future' approach as well as current affairs.

The Council contributes to policy discourse on areas cross-cutting sectors and calling for perspectives from a broad mix of constituencies / members.

It also provides interface for FICCI at an institutional level in organizations like Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council (PMEAC), Planning Commission, Finance Commission, Multilateral Institutions and International Business Federations.

Major work undertaken:

  • FICCI's Agenda for Economic Growth – Enablers for Enterprise and Employment
  • FICCI's Agenda for the New Government – Enabling India


Mr. Y K Modi
Past President, FICCI &
Chairman and CEO, Great Eastern Energy Corporation Ltd

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