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FICCI Maharashtra State Council is located in Mumbai and focuses on following:

  • Policy Reforms at state level: MSC helps state government in identifying various areas where further room for reforms is possible and plays a pivotal role in giving industry feedback on these areas through various state level activities.
  • Facilitate Investments: Through its various activities, the state council encourages member and non-member companies to invest in growing and priority sectors in Maharashtra.
  • Industry Focused Activities: Encourages and helps local enterprises to globalize and connect them with overseas industry players through B2B meetings. Also drives state level industrial activity agenda with the help of member companies.
  • Drives National Agenda: MSC also leads and drives activities on Wellness sector nationally. It also works as extended arm of head office and facilitate logistics arrangement, event promotion and government participation for head office driven activities.
  • Value Added Services for Members: Providing Value Added Services like B2B meetings, ATA carnet, VISA facilitation and economic data services etc.


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