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Stakeholders' Consultation on Introduction of Electricity Storage System in India

Mar 01, 2017,FICCI, New Delhi




FICCI in consultation with the India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) and under the aegis of Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) is organizing half-day interactive session on introduction of energy storage in India. CERC has developed a Staff Paper on “Introduction of Electricity Storage System (ESS) in India” (www.cercind.gov.in/Draft_reg.html) and has sought industry inputs on the same.

The proposed Session will engage a wider array of stakeholders with existing as well as perspective business interests in energy storage to deliberate upon CERC's proposals and also suggest the possible framework for introduction of Energy Storage in India.


Electrical energy storage is still at the nascent stage and a peripheral part of the power generation infrastructure. However, the advancing use of renewable energy is changing the perception of storage and it has led to significant increase in interest towards energy storage. The National Electricity Policy provides road map for increasing the share of renewable/ non-conventional energy sources in electricity mix. This enhances the need for ensuring optimization of generation, minimizing the deviations from the schedule, reliable operations of power systems and for storage of excess generation of grid. Energy storage plays a significant role in improving the operating capabilities of grid, lower power purchase cost and ensure high reliability by maintaining unscheduled interchange as well as deferring and reducing infrastructure investments. The ESS has a wide range of applications which can be deployed from consumer level, connected to distribution system, to bulk storage system connected to the grid. The ESS in India has long term economic significance and has potential to improve industries economics because it connects diverse energy sources to diverse energy uses.

According to the study conducted by IESA, India's energy storage market was estimated at approximately 4.4GW in 2015 and market potential of 15-20GW of storage by 2020. In the light of recent developments and government initiatives, IESA further estimates the potential of energy storage to be significantly upward to over 70GW and 200GWh by 2022. Of this over 35GW of the demand is expected from newer applications like wind and solar integration, frequency regulation, peak management, T&D deferral, diesel usage optimization and electric vehicles. Several big corporates have already gearing up for installing pilot as well as demonstration scale projects in different part of India.

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