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India & Africa: Partners in Growth - An Exposition on Opportunities and Technologies for Collaboration

May 22 - 26, 2017,Gandhinagar




India is hosting for the first time the 52nd Annual meeting of the African Development Bank (AfDB), at Gandhinagar, Gujarat from May 22nd to 26th, 2017.

The Bank's Annual Meeting is expected to have participation of more than 4000 delegates from about 80 member countries (54 regional countries and 26 non-regional countries) of the AfDB including the representatives of Governments, business, civil society, think-tanks, academia and the media from Africa and beyond to debate on key issues on Africa's development.

FICCI in association with Ministry of Finance, Government of India, is organising an Exposition on "Opportunities and Technologies for Collaboration" alongside the Annual Meeting of the African Development Bank in Ahmedabad based on the High 5s or priority sectors as defined by AfDB.

The objective of the exhibition would be
  1. Showcase the technical capability and relevant technologies of Indian Companies across sectors towards partnering with African countries for their industrial development
  2. Share with Africa accessible, affordable and adaptable innovations that India can offer to positively impact the African society
  3. Highlight business opportunities for Indian companies in Africa
AfDB has identified 5 priority sectors or High 5s that are crucial for accelerating Africa's economic transformation.
  1. Light Up and Power Africa - about 635 million Africans still live without electricity and demand for energy is rising rapidly. AfDB is working to unify efforts to achieve universal access to energy. Its new energy strategy aims to increase energy production and access and improve affordability, reliability and energy efficiency.

  2. Feed Africa- More than 70% of Africa depend for their livelihoods on agriculture. If the full potential of the sector is unlocked, agriculture could vastly improve the lives of millions. The bank is framing its agriculture operations within a business-oriented approach, based on a deeper understanding of the obstacles, potential and investment opportunities.

  3. Industrialize Africa- a persistent lack of industrialization is holding back Africa’s economies. Over the next 10 years, the Bank will invest US$ 3.5 billion per year through direct financing and leveraging to implement six flagship industrialization programmes in areas where the AfDB can best leverage its experience, capabilities and finances.

  4. Integrate Africa- Through its Regional Integration Policy and Strategy, the Bank is focusing its integration efforts not just on movement of goods and services but also on mobility of people and investment.

  5. Improve Quality of Life for the people of Africa- Africa’s economic growth has not been rapid or inclusive enough to create enough jobs and improve quality of life. The Bank is committed to building up the availability of technical skills so that African economies can realize their full potential in high-technology sectors. Acknowledging the urgent need to address climate change, the Bank will nearly triple its annual climate financing to reach $5 billion a year by 2020.

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