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Seminar on Creating awareness among FBO's & SME's on GDA labelling (Guideline Daily Amount) and emerging trends in Food Safety ecosystem

Jun 07, 2017,FICCI, New Delhi




FICCI in association with Food Industry Asia (FIA, Singapore) is organizing a “Seminar on Creating awareness among FBO’s & SME’s on GDA labelling (Guideline Daily Amount) & emerging trends in Food Safety ecosystem” on 7th June, 2017 at FICCI Federation House, New Delhi.

Global shifts in the way markets are operating, patterns of economic & social development and technological advancements are changing both the way that food is made & distributed, and way that consumers choose, purchase & communicate what they eat and drink.

Moreover, with the increasing focus towards balanced Diet and nutrition , the importance of food label to convey clear and transparent nutrition information of pre-packaged food and beverage stands undisputed. The consumers are becoming more active towards their consumption pattern by keeping track of exactly “how much of each nutrient they require on a daily basis and how much they are consuming” through various applications. Hence there exist a need for all food and beverage industries to come together and adopt a harmonized, consistent science based Front of Pack Nutrition labelling approach to deliver consistent, practical and useful nutrition information to consumers.

Globally it is recognized that the Front of Pack Nutrition labelling is a useful tool to make the relevant nutrition information available to the consumers by making it available at the face of the pack which is most easily visible to the consumers. Several Front of Pack labelling programs are in use across countries in different parts of the world, among which the Front of Pack GDA (Guideline Daily Amount) labelling has been chosen as one of the leading one.

The GDA labelling is based on declaration of energy and four nutrients which are Fat, Saturated Fat, Total Sugar and Sodium per serve size of a product expressed as a percentage of a typical recommended daily intake for adults or children. It is a simple, clear, informative and user friendly labelling approach, which presents the holistic nutritional profile of the product to the consumer at a glance. It helps in generating trust and reassurance to the consumers about food products while disclosing nutritional information.

Hence, this seminar is being organized with the objective of promoting the concept of Supplementary nutrition information like front-of-pack labelling which helps in increasing the consumer’s understanding about the nutrient content of foods and beverages and to assist in interpreting the nutrient declaration.

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