Round Table Discussion on Best Practices in customer Satisfaction
Jun 24, 2017, Ahmedabad
Organizations and businesses that deliver a superior customer experience are thriving, because customers expect their interactions with companies to meet and even exceed their expectations. As a result, customers are rewarding the organizations and businesses that deliver the best customer experience with loyalty and advocacy. This means that businesses and organizations must be experts in customer experience management by knowing their customers completely. And, that requires a depth of knowledge gained by getting insight from all touch points and channels. As businesses and organizations (and marketers) seek to improve their customer experience and gain a competitive edge, they rely on customer experience experts and thought leaders to deliver the latest trends, strategies, and insight into optimizing customer experience. In this context, FICCI is organizing Round Table Discussion on "Best Practices in Customer Satisfaction".
Mr. Sunmeetsingh Brar
Senior Assistant Director
FICCI - Gujarat State Council
T: 079-26937581
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