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All India Industry 4.0 & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Meet postponed

Jul 13 - 14, 2018,Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh





Industry 4.0 is a name for the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes Cyber-Physical Systems, The Internet Of Things (IoT), 3D Design & Printing, Smart Connected Sensors, Big Data & Analytics, Robotics, Cloud Computing and Cognitive Computing or Artificial Intelligence (the theory and development of computer systems which are able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.). Industry 4.0 creates what has been called a "smart factory" which is termed as the future of the industry. It is also observed that the above technologies related to Industry 4.0 are also being used in several sectors to effectively increase the productivity and decrease costs. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been identified as the key enabler for the next generation of smart (Manufacturing, Cities, Healthcare, Transportation, Education, Legal, Agriculture,…) . The Industrial Revolution 4.0 and associated technologies will drastically change the existing processes all over the world setting a New World Order and predictions are that upto 90% of today’s businesses will become obsolete in next 10 years.

Several companies are already working on Industry 4.0 or Automation or Smart Systems using AI in India. We have several companies offering RFID/IoT & Smart Sensor based Solutions for different sectors in India. We have Expert AI systems like IBM’s Watson etc providing Expert Medical & Legal guidance with Natural Language Interfaces replacing need for Expert Doctors & Lawyers to a great extent. We are already using Smart Taxi Services like Uber & OLA which are smart software programs with location based tracking systems using GPS etc!! We have intelligent assistants like SIRI already in use. Driverless Cars, Buses & Aeroplanes are soon to be a reality which are all based on Industry 4.0 related technologies namely
  • Broadband Networked Computer Systems
  • IoT
  • Robotics
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Smart Sensors & Interfaces
  • 3D Design & Printing
  • Cloud Computing
  • AI
Call for Papers

FICCI is pleased to invite Original Papers related to Industry 4.0 & AI related technologies research or adaption/implementation or policy issues from Industry, academia, research institutions and government/ industry policy makers in the following sectors
  1. Technology
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Healthcare
  4. Agriculture
  5. e-Governance & Smart Cities
  6. Education
  7. Legal
  8. Transport
  9. Retail & Marketing
  10. BFSI
  11. Policies & Incentives
The above are also the session titles for the 2-day meet.

Format for Submission:

Abstract Paper: The Abstract paper should not be more than 1000 words and should be of 2 pages of Single Spaced A4 Size document to be submitted in PDF format by the stipulated date thru email. The Sector out of the 11 sectors identified should be the trailing in the name of the PDF file. Suppose it is AI implementation in Agriculture, then the name of the 2-page Abstract PDF File would be XXXXXXXX_Agriculture.pdf. FICCI would confirm receipt of Abstract in 3 working days and also provide Delegate Registration Details after Receipt of Abstract.

Final Paper: The Final Paper can be maximum 7000 words and 20 Single Space A4 Size document with pictures included in PDF. The same file name with extension but with an additional tag of _Final is to be used as attachment with email. The name for above Abstract would be XXXXXXXX_Agriculture_Final.pdf.

Authors are advised to provide complete Contact Details in the body of the email while uploading the Abstract and Subject of the email should contain the ‘Call for Papers plus name of the Abstract File as described above’.

Similarly, the Subject should contain the ‘Call for Papers plus name of the Final Paper File as described above’.

An Author declaration form would be sent after receiving the Abstract as acknowledgement from FICCI, which needs to be filled, printed and signed and to be scanned and uploaded along with the Final Paper as a separate PDF file. The Total size of the Final Paper and Declaration should not however exceed 2MB.

Delegate Fee:

Delegate fee is Rs. 4,000/- (Rupees Four Thousand) plus GST 18%.

There is a 10% discount on the Delegate Fee for members of FICCI & HYSEA

The delegate however should make their own arrangements with regard to their travel, stay and local transportation. However, our program office would be guiding for any further details during the meet.

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