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Smart Border Management 2018: New Age Solutions for Contemporary Challenges

Sep 17 - 18, 2018,FICCI, New Delhi




For ages, larger stretch of Indian land was known to be safeguarded by natural barriers like sea & mountains, and threats from neighbouring countries were more conventional and therefore predictable. In last two decades, geopolitical environment of the world has taken a major shift and emerging economies like India has started facing new set of challenges from across borders and near border areas within its own territories which is often induced by external forces.

Border guarding forces, being the first line of defence on the borders, have been facing increased pressure of safeguarding Indian land & nullifying potential threats in addition to ensuring safe & smooth trade, movement of individuals, development of border areas, welfare of border communities etc.

Meeting these diversified expectations demands decision making based on massive amount of information coming in all possible natures, formats and from various sources. Artificial intelligence coupled with Big data analysis act as the critical differentiator by enabling border agencies to make every interaction simple and smart. Machine learning techniques help border guarding forces and CAPFs to train robots & unmanned systems for enhancing their capability of taking appropriate decisions in varied situations for their deployment in the remotest areas, difficult terrains, areas with harsh climatic conditions and threat prone/ naxalite parts of the country.

The 3rd edition the conference 'Smart Border Management', which is jointly hosted by India Foundation and FICCI, aims to address contemporary border management issues such as illegal migration across borders, alienation of border communities, change in demographic profile of border population and change in status quo of the geography in border areas etc. with new age solutions.

The two-day conference will be organised on September 17-18, 2018 at FICCI, New Delhi and proposes to bring together experts from Government, Border Guarding Forces, Indian Defence Forces, State Police, Industry, Think Tanks as well as Border Communities, to discuss and debate issues for smart and effective border management in India.

Conference Highlights:
  • Significance & Aspirations of Public Participation in Border Security
  • Surveillance of Indian Coast – Way Ahead
  • Workshop for officials from Border Guarding Forces on Smart Border Management
  • Interactive Session with Senior Officials of Border Defence & Border Guarding Forces
  • Technologies & Solutions for Perimeter Security
  • Big Data and Predictive Analytics for Smart Border Security
  • Application of ‘Unmanned Systems’ Capabilities to Enhance Border Security and Effectively Gather Intelligence
Whom Do You Expect to Meet:
  • Ministry of Home Affairs: AR, BSF, ITBP, SSB
  • Ministry of Defence: Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Cost Guard
  • Ministry of External Affairs
  • Ministry of Telecommunications
  • Ministry of Shipping
  • Ministry of Road, Transport & Highways
  • Ministry of Telecommunications
  • State Police Forces
  • Lands Ports Authority of India
  • Central Board of Excise & Customs
  • Global & Domestic Industry Players
  • Border Communities
  • Think Tanks
  • Multilateral Organizations
  • Other Stakeholders

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