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Call for Entries: 8th FICCI Safety Systems Excellence Awards for Industry

Jun 15, 2019,FICCI, New Delhi




FICCI is inviting applications for eighth edition of Safety Systems Excellence Awards for Industry. Sectors covered in Awards this year are Construction, Manufacturing (including oil & gas), Mining and Power Generation.

Awards are presented to firms and companies for recognition of commitment to safety at workplace and putting in place robust safety systems in the organization. Over the years, the awards have motivated companies for adopting best safety practices and systems in their sector benchmarked with the best in the industry.

Application forms containing all information pertaining to your sector are enclosed:
  • There are two sets of questionnaires for Manufacturing & Power generation sector
    • One for Large & Medium Size Unit/Organization
    • Another for Small Size Unit/Organization.
  • Two sets of questionnaires for the safety awards in Mining sector
    • One for Opencast Mines
    • Another for Underground Mines.
  • Questionnaire for Construction sector.

The definition of Large/ Medium/Small Size Unit/Organization is defined in the attached application forms. Also, kindly note that the large and medium size unit/organization is further classified into two categories based on degree of hazard in the manufacturing sector as per the Factories Act.

The Assessment Criteria for all the Application forms which may be useful for the participating unit while filling in the application form of the Award are also attached. The assessment criteria sheet provides the yardsticks with which each question of the application form is evaluated by the expert.

Please send your complete application form by close of business hour of 15th June 2019.

Application - Construction Application - Large & Medium Size - Manufacturing & Power Generation Application - Opencast Mines Application - Small Scale - Manufacturing & Power Generation Application - Underground Mines


Assessment Criteria - Construction

Assessment Criteria - Large & Medium Size - Manufacturing & Power Generation

Assessment Criteria - Opencast Mines

Assessment Criteria - Small Scale - Manufacturing & Power Generation

Assessment Criteria - Underground Mines




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