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Workshop by GSTN Representatives on Offline Tool of New Return under GST

Aug 08, 2019,FICCI, New Delhi




The existing Return formats under GST are proposed to be replaced with the New Return format, from a date to be notified by Government. Goods and Services Tax Network has released trial version of New Returns Offline Tool of Form GST ANX-1, Form GST ANX-2 (with Matching Tool built in it) and a template for Purchase Register which will be used to import data of purchase register for matching. The Offline tool is available on GST portal under Download section.

The New Return Offline Tool has following main components:
  1. Form GST ANX-1: for preparing outward supplies details by entering details for each document or by importing from an excel file. The template of excel sheet is also available along with the Tool;
  2. Form GST ANX-2: for preparing inward supplies details by taking action on the auto-drafted version;
  3. Matching Tool: for matching of data of GST ANX-2, downloaded from GST Portal with Purchase Register.
FICCI is organising a workshop to be conducted by representatives of GSTN, who will show the working of New Return Offline Tool to the taxpayers, to familiarise them with tool functionalities and get their feedback/suggestions which will help them to improve the tools further before its actual deployment. The workshop is scheduled to be conducted on August 8, 2019 (Thursday), from 9.45 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. at Federation House, Tansen Marg, New Delhi -110001.

The topic of the presentation to be made by GSTN would be GST ANX-1 and ANX-2 Offline Tool of New Return (Trial). It will also cover the following aspects:

Preparation of GST ANX-1;
  • Preparation of GST ANX-1 by using Excel/csv template;
  • Creation of JSON File of GST ANX-1;
  • Downloading the auto-drafted GST ANX-2 from GST Portal;
  • Importing the Purchase Register in the Offline Tool;
  • Use of Matching Tool in the tool;
  • Taking actions of Accept, Reject or Pending on GST ANX-2;
  • Creating JSON file of GST ANX-2
The delegate fee for attending the workshop is Rs. 1000 per delegate (exclusive of GST) and is payable in advance by cheque/draft/NEFT. Last date to Register: August 7, 2019




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