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Innovation Summit - Creating the Culture of Innovation in Organisations

Nov 25 - 26, 2019,New Delhi




We are living in the age of disruption, powered by the forces of technology, globalization, demographics and climate change. In this perennial gale of creative destruction, the key to sustained business outperformance is Innovation. Regardless of the size, geography or sector in which an organization operates, Innovation is key. Innovation doesn't just mean new product development but entails the entire value chain and organizational culture - and culture is nothing but the way we behave in everyday life, especially as we go about taking business decisions. This organizational culture is driven by leadership at all levels and is created by the way the organization designs and operates its HR levers.

How can the HR Levers be aligned with the changing business needs, so that Innovation becomes a way of life and is embedded into the company's DNA?

Innovation Summit - 2019 will be the single destination for Innovation aficionados of India INC and its global counterparts, in times to come.





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