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The Annual Dialogue with Parliamentarians

Nov 07, 2019,FICCI, New Delhi




The Annual Dialogue with Parliamentarians (ADP) represents an inclusive platform for MPs across party affiliations and policy experts through a day-long Conference to discuss the proactive role of Parliamentarians as societal leaders and harbingers of change, who have great potential to make a positive difference in the lives of fellow citizens and impact development.

The Annual Dialogue with Parliamentarians (ADP) shall discuss issues and concerns of national and contemporary geo political significance such as:

  • Advancing Sustainable Development Goals: To encourage debate and discussion on advancing the SDGs by 2030 which address global challenges related to economic development, sustainability, peace, justice, environment and many others captured through 17 interconnected goals and 169 closely linked targets. This session will aim to discuss the key challenges and opportunities for parliamentarians to support the implementation of the 2030 agenda.
  • Women’s Representation in Politics: The ADP will be a platform for discussing the strategy required to ensure adequate representation of women at different platforms of governance in India.
  • Leadership in Youth for India’s Sustainable Development: The ADP will discuss the need to strengthen platforms to promote and facilitate youth participation in decision making at local and national levels of governance to ensure social progress.
  • Political Leadership Catalyzing Change: How political leadership is at the heart of bringing effective change through policymaking
Pluralism, Diversity and Inclusivity in Politics: Discuss and debate the need for promotion of pluralism, inclusivity and celebrate diversity in Indian political system.



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