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North India Agri-Conclave 2019: Roadmap for Crop Diversification with Maize in Punjab

Dec 10, 2019,Chandigarh, Punjab




Punjab is an agriculture-centric State and a leading crop-producer in India. It accounts for 1.5% (5033 hectare) of the nation’s geographical area, of which 83% is under cultivation. In terms of food-grain production, it ranks third in the nation and is often termed as ‘Granary of India’. Majority of Punjab’s agriculture production comprises of rice and wheat. According to the 4th Advance Estimates by Government of Punjab, the year 2017-18 recorded foodgrain production of 284.83 million tonnes, of which the share of rice was 39.64% (112.91 million tonnes) and that of wheat was 35.003% (99.70 million tonnes).

Seemingly harmless, rice and wheat dominated production is ripping the State of its resources, especially groundwater. According to a report by Central Ground Water Board, if the trend continues, the State would turn into a desert in next 25 years and would not have enough water resources to sustain any crop-production, let alone rice and wheat; all the while adversely affecting agro-allied and consumer industries. Though production of rice and wheat cannot be completely erased, the adversity can be averted with crop diversification, especially by shifting to less-water intensive crops like maize.

FICCI Maize Vision 2022, a report providing comprehensive knowledge on maize’s standing in Indian agriculture and mapping an agenda for doubling farmers’ income, states that “a farmer saves 90% of water and 70% of power by growing maize, in comparison to paddy.” In addition, it also provides higher yield per hectare, and being a commercial crop, is also feeding a whole segment of industry including poultry & feed, starch and ethanol etc.

Against this background, FICCI Chandigarh, under Regional Agri & Agro-Allied Committee, is organizing North India Agri-Conclave 2019 – a one-day program focused on crop diversification with maize in Punjab, on December 10, 2019 in Chandigarh. With a gathering of 150+ progressive farmers, agri-industry (animal feed, starch, ethanol and silage manufacturers, seed and agri-tech providers etc) and subject-matter experts, the program will provide a common platform for drafting a roadmap to make shift-to-maize feasible for farmers and maize value-chain profitable for stakeholders (including industry).

Key Take-Away(s)

  • Engage in focused discussions with policy makers, maize-producers (farmers/FPO), maize-consumers (cattle-feed and livestock, starch industry etc) and supporting industry (seeds, fertilizer/pesticides, agri-machines manufacturers; consultants etc)
  • Learn agro-allied best practices from experts
  • Enhance your knowledge with theme-based presentations and case-studies
  • Expand your network with one-to-one interactions
Program would be relevant for
  • Farmers & FPO
  • Agri-business Industry - including seed, pesticides, farm machinery manufacturers
  • Maize-consuming Industry - Cattle Feed & Livestock, Starch, Ethanol, Silage as well as industries using corn-syrup and other corn by-products
  • Policy-Makers from State Government and Central Bodies
  • Subject-Matter Experts



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