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FICCI-CASCADE Seminar on Containing Counterfeiting and Smuggling : A Step Towards Prosperous Nation Building

Feb 13, 2020,Hotel Holiday Inn, Near Nehru Sahkar Bhawan, Jaipur




Counterfeiting and smuggling activities are highly pervasive across countries and sectors, representing a multi-billion-dollar industry globally that continues to grow and impact commerce and industry, government, economies and the society at large. According to recent estimates, by year 2022, the value of counterfeit and pirated goods will be around $2.3 trillion. Hence, it is increasingly imperative to deliberate on this subject and find ways and means to mitigate this challenge.

FICCI-CASCADE, as a part of its objective to increase awareness about the growing menace of counterfeiting and smuggling, is organizing a Seminar on ‘Containing Counterfeiting and Smuggling - A Step towards Prosperous Nation Building’ from 0930 – 1400 hrs on Thursday, 13th February 2020 at Hotel Holiday Inn, Near Nehru Sahkar Bhawan, Jaipur. The programme would feature discussions on:

Organized Crime Surge in India - Role of Enforcement Agencies in Combating Smuggling and Counterfeiting
Role of Government and Industry to Fight Against Smuggled & Fake Products and Ensuring Consumer Protection
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