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Export Controls and Trade in Nuclear Related Items, Materials and Technologies

Jan 24, 2020,DAE Conference Room, OYC at Colaba, Mumbai




Since 2007, FICCI has been playing a defining role in enhancing industry awareness, building capacity and strengthening industry compliance regarding India’s strategic trade control policies and requirements. Towards this we have held several workshops and conferences to create awareness in Indian industry for strategic sectors like Defence & Aerospace, Chemicals, Biotechnology and Intangible Technology Sector. FICCI has advocated industry to be the first point of defence by adopting best practices like Internal Compliance Programmes (ICP) particularly amongst the MSME’s. These programs have been conducted with the support and participation of the relevant Inter Ministerial Working Group (IMWG) member agencies, especially D&ISA/MEA, DDP, DBT, Customs and DGFT.

The Civil Nuclear Industry is another strategic sector which is governed by export control regulations of items included under Category 0, Category 3 and Category 4 of India’s Special Chemicals Organisms Materials Equipment and Technologies (SCOMET) list. Although presently India is not an NSG member, but its regulations in the Civil Nuclear sector are NSG compliant. As India charters its course to set up new reactors to feed the country’s ever-growing energy demand, Indian industry finds itself in a position to help build future reactors and contribute to the global manufacturing supply chain for civil nuclear items.

As a responsible member of the comity of nations, India is committed in discharging its responsibilities to prevent proliferation of items and technologies that can potentially lead to catastrophic events in the hands of hostile non state actors. FICCI, as the apex industry chamber, remains committed to improving the Indian industry’s awareness of export controls (or STCs, i.e. strategic trade controls), and contributing to realize the full potential of the Prime Minister’s Make in India initiative.

With this background, FICCI is pleased to partner with DAE, D&ISA and the DGFT to conduct an outreach programme on Export Controls and Trade in Nuclear Related Items, Materials and Technologies. The programme will be held on January 24, 2020 at the DAE Conference Room, OYC at Colaba in Mumbai.






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