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6th India Industry Water Conclave and 8th Edition of FICCI Water Awards

Feb 16 - 17, 2021,Virtual Platform




The theme for this year’s Conclave is ‘Sustainable Water Management: Achieving the 3Rs 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle'’. With increasing water scarcity, efficient management of water is critical for industry, agriculture, and municipalities. Building future resilience in view of this looming scarcity depends largely on a strong impetus for reuse and recycle and focusing on the circular economy of water.

The Conclave will focus on the need for circularity approach to water use among the three end users of agriculture, industry and municipality and policies to incentivise and encourage the move towards the 3Rs. The Conclave will throw light on the value of wastewater and the need to facilitate a market for wastewater reuse in India. The emphasis will be on role of technology, management practices and bringing sustainable solutions around wastewater treatment and reuse where the Government and industry can develop strategies to harness the scope for use of treated wastewater.

The deliberations will highlight opportunities for achieving water security through wastewater recycling and reuse through policy interventions, multi stakeholder engagement and sharing of best practices, including experiences from other countries.





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