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India-US ties will be one of top priorities of Trump Govt: Envoy 

The Pioneer , Nov 12, 2016

Two days after the regime change in the United States of America, its Ambassador to India Richard Verma on Friday said strengthening ties with India will be one of the top priorities of the Donald Trump Government in Washington.

Talking about the US election and the future of India-US partnership at an event organised by FICCI and Brookings India, Verma said, “As events unfold over the next several weeks of the transition, a new Cabinet and administration priorities will emerge. There is no question in my mind that further building and strengthening the US-India relationship will be one of those top priorities.”

Giving reasons for this, the ambassador mentioned a strong bipartisan consensus on the importance of the US-India relationship which has only grown and strengthened over the years, greater convergence on the contemporary big issues and growing trade and people to people ties.

Verma added both India and US are natural partners at a time when the post World War-II order and its institutions are under assault.

The envoy said that convergence of views was the new normal in ties between two countries which is based on results and not on rhetoric. “Even on issues that have divided us on recent years, climate change for example...There is convergence. Who would have thought that the US and India would lead the world to a global climate agreement? This is the new normal — strategic, political and economic convergence,” Verma said.

“In a time of deep political polarisation in our country, enhancing the United States and India partnership is something that is refreshingly unifying, across the political divide,” he said while adding the relationship has gained over the years, particularly over the past 20 years during which both Republican and Democratic Administrations were in place.