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Scripting his own destiny
The Hindu, May 08, 2017
Boman Irani’s entry into Bollywood at an age when most actors are at the twilight of their career is an extraordinary tale of resilience.

Speaking on “The Journey: Life, Learning & Leadership Lessons” organised by FICCI Ladies Organisation at Federation House recently, the actor said, “It wasn’t hard for me to get a film, but I struggled during the years before I made foray into movies. I had kind of paid my dues doing 14 years of theatre. When I got Munna Bhai M.B.B.S ., I was so taken up by the story and I met Rajkumar Hirani for the first time and I said, ‘This is a guy I’d like to work with’.”

The actor said: “I enjoy every single day on the set. There are some roles that you might get great creative satisfaction of, some might get you a great amount of box office success, but frankly, that doesn’t move me much. Even as my waiter’s job in Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai, I put my heart into it as my granny used to say be the best whatever you do. This has stayed with me always.” Describing himself as a strict person, the actor said: “I am not ambitious or competitive at all, but I would like to fulfil some of my dreams. I want to do some films where I can sit with my grandchildren and say, ‘The old man did this.’ Potentially, I feel there is more and I have not done that yet.”
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