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Jharkhand invites industry to capitalise on policies for development 

EENADU INDIA , Dec 06, 2018

Jharkhand is inviting industry to capitalise on the industry-oriented policies for industrial development and investment promotion framed by the state government, on Wednesday, as the state aims to train and skill 20 lakh people by 2022, thus touching the lives of 20 per cent of its youth.

Speaking at ‘ENGAGE – Employers Network for Generating Aspirational & Gainful Employment: Skill in Jharkhand: Skilling for Future’, organised by FICCI and Jharkhand Government, Rajesh Kumar Sharma, Secretary, Higher Technical Education & Skill Development Department, Government of Jharkhand, said, "The Jharkhand Industrial and Investment Promotion Policy of 2016 aims at converting the state into a favoured destination for investors. Likewise, the Jharkhand Textile, Apparel and Footwear Policy and the Film Policy have created the right kind of environment for the sustainable growth of industries."

While explaining the need to increase labour productivity for the development of the Industrial sector, Rajesh Aggarwal, Joint Secretary of Ministry of Skill development, said, "If any industry, any economy has to grow, it has to be on the shoulders of well-skilled manpower which has a higher labour productivity. Industry in India needs to transit from the thought of a low labour cost based economy to the high labour productivity based economy."

"Even China, who has done a lot over the last 3 decades, one of the key features of their growth process also has been the kind of growth in the labour productivity due to very significant efforts both by the industries and the government."

"It is no more a CSR based skill development. It is the real investment that industry will lead to, think about and see that it is not only in terms of money but also in terms of expertise, leadership that the sector needs to actually move forward," he added.

The programme aims to train and empower individuals by equipping them with new skills and to generate employment. A target to train 8.5 lakh till 2020-21 has been put up by the state, and subsequently 20 lakh youths in the next 5 years. JSDMS is also focussing on effective engagements with Industry to create a robust and cohesive ecosystem.