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FICCI Booklet on Publishing Ethics

In the past decade, India has made rapid strides in contributing scholarly content to global research output and currently accounts for about 88 per cent of scholarly publications from South Asia. Although there has been a visible spurt in the quantity of scholarly publications from India, the average quality of research output remains low. Instances of research misconduct, including data fabrication, falsification and plagiarism are aplenty. In such a scenario, there is need for the Indian research community to focus on publishing ethics in its stride towards global recognition in research and innovation.

This booklet is a handy guide for ethical best practices in reporting and publication of research. Researchers and their readers will benefit from the booklet which covers dos and doníts of the research lifecycle; basics of authorship, data management and permissions; and issues related to copyright and common misconduct.

The booklet will also be beneficial to the wider academic community in highlighting the tenets of ethical research. It will support research and teaching institutions in shaping a sound research environment which is at par with international standards.

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