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Past Events
India Gas Infrastructure Conference 2017
Oct 04, 2017, FICCI, New Delhi
4th National Conference on Energy Security
May 11, 2017, New Delhi
Special Track on Fuel Retailing: Petrotech 2016
Dec 06-07, 2016, FICCI, New Delhi
FICCI-Metis Masterclass on Global LNG Markets and Trends and Trading Strategies
Nov 04-05, 2014, FICCI, New Delhi
India Energy Session: India's Evolving LNG Business & Future Prospects
Oct 29, 2013, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Oct 15-16, 2012, FICCI, Federation House, New Delhi
7th Asia Gas Partnership Summit
Mar 23-24, 2012, Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi
India Africa Hydrocarbons Conference
Dec 09-10, 2011, The Grand, New Delhi
Special Track on Fuel Retailing - Pricing, Technology & Emerging Business Models
Nov 01-02, 2010, New Delhi
Training Course on Gas/LNG and Gas Transportation Contracts - Structuring, Negotiation & Pricing
May 10-14, 2010, New Delhi
Asia Gas Partnership Summit 2010
Mar 22-23, 2010, New Delhi
India Africa Hydrocarbons Conference
Dec 07-08, 2009, New Delhi
"Indian Retail Revolution - Challenges & Opportunities for Fuel Retail" : PETROTECH 2009
Jan 13, 2009, New Delhi
India - CIS Roundtable on Hydrocarbons
Nov 25, 2008, New Delhi
5th Asia Gas Partnership Summit
Apr 14-15, 2008, New Delhi
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