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The Indian Media & Entertainment industry has been hitting new milestones and has stepped onto a matured phase at a growth rate of 12% CAGR. The FICCI Entertainment Division has been cheerleading the potential of this sector for the last ten years. It interfaces extensively with the entire gamut of the entertainment industry to work on issues which ought to be represented to the government as well as studies and explores the various commercial nuances of this growing and vibrant sector. In fact it was FICCI’s tireless work in the last decade which made the government accord “industry” status to the Indian film sector

Some key policy issues being addressed currently are:

  • Copyright act for film producers
  • 3rd Phase of privatization of FM Radio in India
  • Tax related issues for the Multiplex; Animation and Gaming and VFX industries
  • Broadcasting services regulation bill including self regulation and content code for the television industry


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