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FICCI believes that it is essential to secure the proactive participation and involvement of businesses and people for improving environment quality. Adoption of clean, climate and health friendly technologies in every sphere of activity is of paramount importance in enabling environmental improvement. FICCI's Environment Division has taken up a broad spectrum of initiatives to address industry's issues pertaining to environment and climate change.

The FICCI Environment and Climate Change Division works on policy and regulatory issues pertaining to environment, and also works on environmental projects with various national and international agencies, organizes outreach events, training programmes and workshops for industry awareness on issues pertaining to environment and climate change.

FICCI’s Work in the Environment Space

In the Environment space, FICCI has a special focus on sustainable waste management. FICCI fosters the practice of sustainable waste management among various stakeholders through undertaking various activities involving research, organising environmental awareness programmes, conducting training programmes, and creating business-to-business interfaces. FICCI also creates platforms for a constructive dialogue and knowledge exchange on topical issues concerning waste management, and enables Indian industry to reach out globally. As a part of FICCI's waste management focus, FICCI has been involved with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) since 2006 and is also carrying out a project under the Methane to Markets (M2M) partnership. FICCI’s work under the M2M focuses on methane recovery and utilization from the four M2M sectors: landfill, coal, oil and natural gas, and agriculture.

FICCI’s work in the Climate Change Space

FICCI has been playing a critical role in the policy dialogue on climate change both domestically and internationally, as well as facilitating the carbon market through the Clean Development Mechanism. FICCI has been creating widespread stakeholder awareness in India and familiarising stakeholders with the core issues and challenges confronting them. It also acts as a bridge between different carbon market stakeholders to advance CDM projects. FICCI also facilitates Indian industry presence at and interface with the global mainstream in various international climate change and carbon market forums. FICCI is an accredited observer organisation under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

FICCI has constituted a Climate Change Task Force, to deliberate on policy and regulatory issues pertaining to climate change, and to address concerns of Indian industry with respect to climate change and the carbon market. The Task Force comprises members from the cement, iron & steel, pulp & paper, power, oil & gas, wind energy, mass transport, chemicals industries, and from sectors such as waste management, forestry, financial, carbon advisory, and state government.


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