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The prevalent global scene characterised by liberalisation, technological development and changing social ethos has made it imperative for the Indian business to become more globally competitive. In this context, Human Resource (HR) has attained significant importance with increasing awareness that the individual & collective competencies of any organization are the prime factors, which contributes to its continuous growth and success. Now, as never before, the importance of the intangible core, the human element, has become undisputable. Today, HR is viewed as a strategic partner in business, interwoven with other functional areas like marketing, finance, operations and systems. This realisation has converted many organizations from being merely a Big company to Great company. This fact endorses that effort directed towards human resource development is the most important step towards organisational excellence.

As an industry association, FICCI aims at working towards enhancing productivity of the Indian industry to take the nation to the forefront of leadership & development. Being sensitive to the changing paradigm, FICCI identifies the needs and requirements of the industry from time to time through surveys, feedbacks etc to bring the key issues, opportunities and challenges to the forefront. FICCI endeavours to bring HR professionals across all sectors into a collective forum through networking inititiaves, provide global platform for knowledge sharing of best practices and HR services like senior managerial orientation programmes catering to the industry needs.

It encourages its members to come forth and provide their suggestions towards its working.


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