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India is a country with large and diverse transport sector and its inadequate infrastructure constitutes a significant constraint on India’s growth potential. The Government of India recognized the imperative need for the infrastructure sector and takes several initiatives like Committee of Infrastructure, National Highway Development Project (NHDP), National Maritime Development Programme (NMDP), Tax Holidays etc for the development and promotion of the sector. In the recent years, there has been several improvements in sectors like roads & highways, ports, railways and airports, the policy and regulatory framework is already in place and investment in infrastructure has risen considerably however there are still significant gaps that need to be bridged. As the spending on infrastructure has large multiplier effects, the current global slowdown provides an opportunity for India that has a substantial degree of unmet infrastructure requirements.

With a view to create a platform for all the stakeholders and for the conclusive growth & development of the Transport Infrastructure sector (Ports & Shipping, Roads & Highways, Civil Aviation and Railways), Transport Infrastructure Division of FICCI works with the Central and State Governments, National & International development organizations like World Bank, Asian Development Bank, JICA, etc, Government Agencies, and various other stakeholders to promote the infrastructure sector.

Transport Infrastructure division discusses policy, regulatory and procedural issues with its members, industry experts etc. and advice appropriate reforms to the government for the development of the infrastructure sector. For making conducive business environment division highlights encumbrances being faced by the industry players in the process of development of the sector and interacts with various national / international agencies for making feasible measures to overcome those encumbrances.

FICCI Transport Infrastructure Division supports the Government in its efforts towards projecting the infrastructure development. It act as a reference point for investors (Domestic & International) interested in the sector and provide information related to government guidelines, investment opportunities, government & development agencies (which are involved in the development process of the sector).

For promotion of the sector transport infrastructure division of FICCI works proactively and suggests necessary procedures during the process of policy formation, budgetary allocation, forming legal framework etc. by the government. To maintain smooth progress division also insist government to make essential provision for timely upgradation of the policies on the basis of regular feedback from its members and industry players.

The Division organizes several investment promotion programmes, conferences, seminars, workshops, etc on regular basis for facilitating interaction between various government agencies, international bodies, industry players and its members that provide prospects to raises issues pertaining to the sector and exchange ideas. These networking events provide a platform to share thoughts, explore business opportunities among the varied stakeholders of the transport infrastructure sector. These measures help to analyse the present developments and identifies the ways to overcome the constraint of the sector.


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