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Intellectual capital is a prime mover of economic activity. India has been moving up the value chain from merely being the world’s back office to the world’s leading R&D destination. This change can be attributed to a number of mutually reinforcing factors such as - availability of high quality human resource, improved infrastructure for research & development and proven excellence in bringing new innovation.

Realizing the promise and potential that India has to offer in the field of R&D, FICCI instituted a special desk dedicated to science, technology and innovation. Since the inception of the desk in 2007-08, FICCI’s S&T/Innovation division has carved a niche among the scientific community.

Key Objectives
  • Involving all stakeholders namely the Government, Industry, Academia and NGOs to bring S&T and Innovation in the mainstream
  • Popularizing S&T and strengthening research infrastructure and capabilities
  • Facilitating investments in S&T and innovation by initiating required policy changes
  • Encouraging innovation networks between Indian companies, Indian research institutes and multinational corporations
  • Helping Indian companies to adopt best global practices of networking with knowledge generating centres in order to advance their innovation intensity


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