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FICCI has contributed immensely towards the sustainable growth and development of Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunications industry in India. FICCI’s Communications and Digital Economy Committee have been working tediously to give impetus to the growing ICT industry, towards the goal of a well-established and thriving communications and information technology industry in India.

With a focus on prevailing major issues and policy matters in Telecommunications, FICCI’s Communications and Digital Economy Committee, while working alongside Government and other stakeholders, has played a significant role in further advancement of next generation reforms while steadfastly adopting and disseminating best practices in the field of telecommunications. The committee has also been playing a phenomenal role in bridging the digital divide in the country, identifying the competitiveness and potential areas of cooperation in global market.

One of the recent and best examples of Communications and Digital Economy Committee committee’s commitment towards policy reforms in telecommunications is its dedication towards its role in new National Telecom Policy. It has presented the first detailed, structured, input by any industry association, into the NTP 2011 consultation process through reports covering multiple sectors and areas of interest. Various sub-committees formed under the Communications and digital economy committees have played a phenomenal role in assisting the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in the process of NTP 2011 formulation.

India Telecom Conference is one of the flagship events of FICCI and a premier telecom event in South Asia. The two days international conference focuses on new growth drivers that are revolutionizing the telecom sector in India and around the world. The conference has been instrumental in assessing the challenges and opportunities associated with new technologies and new growth frontiers, thus working significantly towards building a proper roadmap for the future of telecom industry.


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