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Access to safe water is one of the essential elements for sustainable development and poverty reduction. However, the past few decades has seen an increase in demand amongst various water using sectors putting enormous stress on the natural resource.

FICCI constituted a ‘Water Mission’ to promote and provide thought leadership in the area of water efficiency. It aims to facilitate the sharing and dissemination of best practices across industry sectors in order to encourage corporate and industry players to imbibe a culture of water conservation within their organizations.

The Mission is working to create awareness on the existing situation pertaining to water scarcity, quality and generate a discourse on sustainable use of water amongst various users. With growing and extensive depletion and pollution of our water resources, our current work is being restructured to bring this issue back in focus to provide a sense of urgency to the debate of water management.

The objectives of the Mission’s work are:

  • To formulate suggestions for changes in policy framework in India for better water resource allocation, conservation and management;
  • To promote fresh water conservation strategies across the irrigation, industry and domestic sectors;
  • To document and disseminate best practices across various sectors and create a forum to facilitate exchange of information and experiences in the country;
  • To promote new innovative technologies of water saving and management like rainwater harvesting, watershed management, desalination, water auditing and accounting across water intensive sectors through projects, workshops, conferences and training programmes.


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