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Books have always been regarded as an important media for the development and promotion of human values. They record new ideas, preserve and communicate knowledge, impart education and values, and aid the overall development of an individual. The Publishing sector in India is the third largest in the world in English language publishing. Current statistics reveals that the sector is truly a colossus—a giant in slumber, which needs to be awakened and given its due status and identity.

Keeping in view the huge importance of books and the tremendous potential of the publishing sector, FICCI's publishing desk will serve the needs of the industry in the following ways:
  • Establish FICCI as thought leader in the area of publishing.
  • Address key issues confronting the publishing industry, both in terms of policy and trade, and work for advocacy.
  • Create FICCI as the nodal agency for the creation of a robust Public Library System in India.
  • Works towards advocacy for the National Book Promotion Policy of the Ministry of Human Resource and Development.
  • Identify gaps and create opportunities for capacity building in the publishing Industry.
  • Explore opportunities for Indian publishers abroad with special focus on developing markets.
  • Conceptualise and develop programmes for the support and benefit of the publishing sector.


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