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Agriculture Marketing: An Overview and Way Forward
Jul, 2017
Agriculture Marketing in Rajasthan
Dec, 2016
Animal Husbandry in Rajasthan
Dec, 2016
Plasticulture in Rajasthan
Dec, 2016
Sustainable Agriculture in Rajasthan
Dec, 2016
Agritourism Advantage Rajasthan
Nov, 2016
India Maize Summit 2016: Background Papers
May, 2016
Strategy Paper on Future prospects of micro Irrigation in India-Accelerating Growth of Indian Agriculture: Micro Irrigation an efficient solution
May, 2016
India-Africa partnership in agriculture, Current and future prospects
Feb, 2016
Transforming Agriculture Through Mechanisation: A Knowledge Paper on Indian farm equipment sector
Dec, 2015
Labour in Indian Agriculture: A Growing Challenge
Mar, 2015
कृषि क्षेत्र में श्रमिक एक बढ़ती चुनौती (Hindi)
Mar, 2015
Evaluation of the PPPIAD Project on Soybean
Nov, 2014
Evaluation of PPPIAD Project on Maize
Nov, 2014
Evaluation of PPPIAD Project on Cotton
Nov, 2014
Improving the Productivity of Pulses through Public Private Partnership
May, 2014
Maize in India
Mar, 2014
Overview of The Indian Buffalo Meat Value Chain
Dec, 2013
Maize in India
Mar, 2013
Corporate Interventions in Agriculture
Jul, 2012
Cotton 2020: Roadmap for Sustainable Production
Feb, 2012
Partnership to Scale New Heights: India-US Collaboration in Agriculture
Nov, 2011
Warehousing 2008
Sep, 2008
A Road Map for Agri-Marketing Reforms
Jan, 2008


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