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FICCI E Y Report 2016 - Future of Jobs and its implications on Indian Higher Education
Nov, 2016
State-focused roadmap to India's "Vision 2030"
Nov, 2015
Higher education in India: Moving towards global relevance and competitiveness
Nov, 2014
MOOCs and the Future of Indian Higher Education
Nov, 2014
Guidelines for Large Scale Learner Assessments: Practices for Design, Implementation and Use of Assessments by States
Mar, 2014
Private Sector Contribution to K 12 education in India: Current impact, challenges and way forward
Mar, 2014
Public Private Partnerships in Education: Learning and Insights for India
Mar, 2014
Higher Education in India: Vision 2030
Nov, 2013
Higher Education In India: Twelfth Five Year Plan (2012-2017) And Beyond
Nov, 2012
Handbook of Private Universities in India 2012
Nov, 2012
White Paper on NKFH: Facilitating Engineering Institution Linkages with the Industry
Nov, 2011
Making the Indian higher education system future ready
Nov, 2009
FICCI- E & Y Report on "Leveraging partnership in India’s education sector"
Nov, 2008


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