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The Healthcare Consumer - Understanding Expectations & Experiences in the Patient's Journey
Aug, 2017
Value Added Service- Wellness and Preventive
Dec, 2016
FICCI-IMS Knowledge Paper on Medical value travel in India
Oct, 2016
FICCI - EY Thematic Paper on 'Re-engineering Indian Healthcare'
Sep, 2016
FICCI-KPMG Paper on 'Indian Healthcare Start-ups- An inside look into funding'
Sep, 2016
Nursing reforms - Paradigm shift for a bright future
Aug, 2016
Recommendations HEAL 2016
Aug, 2016
A Guide Framework for OPD & Preventive Health Insurance in India
Dec, 2015
FICCI Report on Critical Illness - Amended and Additional Definitions for the Indian Market
Dec, 2015
FICCI IMS Report on "Raising Capital in Healthcare"
Sep, 2015
Healthcare: The neglected GDP driver. Need for a paradigm shift
Aug, 2015
Leapfrogging beyond Hospitalization
Dec, 2014
Ensuring care for the golden years - Way forward for India
Dec, 2014
FICCI-KPMG Knowledge Paper on 'Medical Value Travel in India'
Sep, 2014
FICCI-EY Knowledge Paper on 'Healthcare Innovation & Medical Technology: reaching the unreached'
Sep, 2014
FICCI Knowledge Paper on Health Insurance Vision 20:20
Dec, 2013
Reinventing Affordable & Universal Healthcare Through Innovation
Sep, 2013
Universal Health Cover for India: Evolving a framework for healthcare reimbursement methodologies
Sep, 2013
FICCI Working Paper on Health Insurance Fraud
Dec, 2012
Universal Health Cover for India: Demystifying Financing Needs
Aug, 2012
Evidence Based Medicine: A Peek in Inevitable Journey for India
Sep, 2011
Healthcare For All: Global Standards With Local Touch
Sep, 2010
Public private partnership for universal, affordable and quality healthcare
Sep, 2009
Standardisation Initiatives by The FICCI Health Insurance Committee
Jul, 2009
Fostering Quality Healthcare For All
Sep, 2008


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