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Knowledge Paper: Wedding Tourism Destination India
May, 2017
Resurgent Rajasthan - Revelation beyond the Obvious
Apr, 2017
Travel 2.0 - The Next generation of travel
Mar, 2017
FICCI-YES BANK Knowledge paper on 'Investment in Tourism Infrastructure Unleashing the Growth Potential'
Jul, 2016
FICCI-MRSS report: India Inbound MICE Tourism - Trends and Opportunities
May, 2016
Tourism Infrastructure: The Role States Play
Jul, 2015
India Inbound : The Kaleidoscopic Canvas
Apr, 2014
FICCI Knowledge paper on Inbound tourism
Apr, 2013
FICCI knowledge paper on 'India as a hotspot for Inbound Tourism'
Apr, 2013
Film Tourism, India as the Next Hotspot
Mar, 2013
Tourism Infrastructure: Challenges and Opportunities
Jan, 2013
Domestic Tourism-Evolution, Trends and Growth
Aug, 2012
Diverse Beliefs: Tourism of Faith
Apr, 2012
Furthering the growth of Gujarat Tourism
Jul, 2010
Transformation and Emergence of Tourism in Karnataka
Jun, 2010
Eco-Rural-Tourism-Destination India
May, 2010
India Inbound Tourism
May, 2010
Investment Opportunities in Hotel Infrastructure in India
Dec, 2009
The Great Indian Travel Bazaar 09 A report
Apr, 2009


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