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Indiachem 2016 knowledge Paper
Sep, 2016
Next Generation Indian Agriculture - Role of Crop Protection Solutions
Jul, 2016
Ushering in the 2nd Green Revolution - Role of Crop Protection chemicals
Nov, 2015
A Report on Chemical Industry
Nov, 2015
Study on Sub-Standard, Spurious/Counterfeit Pesticides in India 2015 - Report
Sep, 2015
Knowledge Paper on Construction Chemicals as Enabler for Smart Cities
May, 2015
FICCI Concept - Reverse SEZ
Apr, 2015
Knowledge Paper on Safer and Judicious use of Crop Protection Chemicals & Applications of Green Chemistry
Jan, 2015
Handbook on Chemicals and Petrochemicals Industry 2014
Oct, 2014
Knowledge Paper on Indian Construction Chemicals Industry Imperatives of Growth
May, 2014
Knowledge Paper on Safer and Judicious use of agrochemicals and application of Green Chemistry
Mar, 2014
Knowledge and Strategy paper on "Speciality/Fine/Agro/Personal Care chemicals/Dyes/Colorants & Pigments"
Oct, 2013
Knowledge and strategy paper on Indian Agrochemicals Industry
Jul, 2013
Knowledge and Strategy Paper on Technology Upgradation in Chemicals & Petrochemicals Industry
Apr, 2013
A report on Construction Chemicals
Jan, 2013
Gujarat Specilty Chemicals Conclave-2013: Background Paper
Jan, 2013
Handbook on Indian Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
Oct, 2012
The Rise of India in the Global Specialty Chemicals Industry
Jun, 2012
Report on IndiaChem Gujarat 2011
Oct, 2011
Report on Agrochemicals 2011
Feb, 2011
Handbook on Indian Chemical Industry
Nov, 2010
Report on IndiaChem -2009 Gujarat Conference
Dec, 2009


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