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Knowledge Paper on Potential of Plastic Industry in Northern India with focus to Plasticulture & Packaging
Apr, 2017
Knowledge Paper on Plastic Industry for Infrastructure
Mar, 2017
FICCI-TSMG report 'Role of Plasticulture in Next Generation Agriculture'
May, 2016
A Report on Plastic Industry January 2016
Jan, 2016
Plastic Packaging - The Sustainable Choice: A Report on Plastic Industry
Jan, 2016
White Paper on 'Enhancing Competitiveness of Indian PVC & Caustic Soda Industries'
Dec, 2015
Knowledge Paper on Plastics Industry
Jun, 2015
Knowledge Paper on 'New Horizons for Indian Plastic Processing Industry'
Dec, 2014
FICCI Concept Note on Reverse SEZ
Oct, 2014
Potential of Plastics Industry in Northern India with Special Focus on Plasticulture and Food Processing-2014: A Report on Plastics Industry
Jun, 2014
Knowledge and Strategy paper on "Potential of Plastics Industry in North India" with special focus to plasticulture
Jun, 2013
Knowledge and strategy paper on opportunities in engineering plastics
Apr, 2013
Potential of Plastics industry in North India
Jun, 2012


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