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Session on 'Engaging with Capital Providers on ESG'

Jun 17, 2021,Virtual Platform, 03:00PM - 04:30 PM




Focus on Environmental, Social and Governance issues which were tangentially addressed by businesses in the past, have now become mainstream. Investors, lenders and insurance providers keenly analyse ESG disclosures to understand how a company is managing ESG risks that could have broader financial impact. Providers of capital are increasingly directing their resources to industries and companies that are doing a good job in understanding and managing both the risks and opportunities that ESG issues represent. Capital providers are looking for sustainable businesses that cater to a broader group of shareholders and understand the impact of ESG issues on long term financial performance.
We invite you to a session with investors who are developing and integrating ESG investment policies in their investment decisions and practices.

Focus Areas:
  • Better financial outcomes for businesses that are conscious of ESG principles and who maintain balance between financial and non-financial parameters
  • How to understand ESG scores and make capital providers confident about their investment in your company.





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