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If given a chance, they can excel in all fields: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal 

The Times of India , Dec 14, 2019

“Women need opportunities, not help, and given a chance they can excel in all fields.” Chief minster Arvind Kejriwal said this at the women’s annual programme at Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry on Friday.

Underlining the achievements of his government, Kejriwal said that after coming back to power in 2020 he would like to work on providing water supply round the clock, making Yamuna so clean that people could bathe in it, redesigning roads, making the capital beautiful and clean, clearing landfill sites and strengthening the public transport system.

Kejriwal said that a recent survey conducted by AAP in a constituency had revealed that 90% of women would vote for the party in the upcoming assembly elections. “I knew that women were strong AAP supporters, but I didn’t know that their love was so strong,” he added.

The women entrepreneurs said they loved Aam Aadmi Party for different reasons, including the works of Delhi government in schools, addressing women’s safety, etc.

The chief minister said a survey found that over 88% of women were extremely happy and satisfied with the free bus ridership scheme. Women ridership in DTC and cluster buses has risen from 30% to 42%. “The free bus ride scheme has given women freedom,” he added.

“The women of our country are waiting for avenues to participate in the economy of the country. Women want opportunities. They are waiting in the wings to leverage them,” Kejriwal said.

Talking about the work done in schools and hostels, Kejriwal said, “In the last five years, the transformation of our government schools is being talked about not only in our country, but across the world. We did not do this with the help of a few teachers from foreign countries like the USA or Japan. It was the same people, the same teachers and the same principals. What changed was the message from the top. The politics changed.”

“The change in the quality of education in government schools has empowered girls. This is because many families send boys to private institutions, but admit girls in government schools due to lack of money. With quality education in government schools, girls feel like equals,” the chief minister said.

He invited the women entrepreneurs to share their success stories with government school students, who are also learning entrepreneurship.

“Currently, women are feeling very insecure. But their safety an be addressed like the way AAP checked corruption in its first 49-day government. Giving confidence to women that the system is with you will be a big step towards making them feel secure. Not many women call police if they are in a difficult situation because they do not have confidence in the policing system. Individuals are very good, but the policing system needs to improve,” Kejriwal said.



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 In conversation with Shri Arvind Kejriwal, Hon'ble Chief Minister, Delhi