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'Govt will administer pledge to schoolboys to behave with girls' 

Millennium Post , Dec 13, 2019

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal at an event conducted by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) announced that the Delhi government will administer pledge to male students at all schools and colleges to behave well with girls and not indulge in crimes against women. Under the initiative, a one-hour classroom discussion on respecting women will be conducted.

CM Kejriwal said, "In all schools, colleges, and universities in Delhi, boys will take pledge to respect women and swear that they will not abuse or misbehave with a woman. Along with this, the girl students will also be asked to talk to their brothers on the issue of respecting women and warn them against any wrongdoing. Once a girl talks to her brother on the issue, she will be required to tell her class about it."

The chief minister said, "We have to convince our men in the family that if they do anything wrong with any woman, he needs to face boycott from family first and then from society. Every family must do this. It can be stopped only if every mother talks to her sons and every sister to her brothers."

The AAP government has taken several steps to ensure women's safety in the national capital. Our government has decided to light up dark spots by installing two lakh street lights. We have also deployed marshals on buses to ensure the safety of women, he said.

"To achieve this task, all agencies including government and police, people also should come together and work sincerely. We should seriously think that why such pervasive thoughts to disrespect and harm women, exists amongst a segment of youth. Therefore, Delhi's government plans to undertake this campaign and motivate the boys to be respectful towards women through a pledge. The pledge will be administered at regular intervals like once in three months. It will make every boy think and decide that he will never disrespect or harm a woman," the CM said.

Issues about women safety will be discussed in every school and college for an hour. The sessions will be conducted frequently and facilitated by teachers, he added.



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 In conversation with Shri Arvind Kejriwal, Hon'ble Chief Minister, Delhi