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FICCI: Online gaming sector expected to reach Rs 187 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 43 per cent 

Animation Xpress , Mar 28, 2020

The FICCI-EY report ‘The era of consumer A.R.T. – Acquisition Retention and Transaction,’ that was recently launched found that Media and Entertainment (M&E) sector reached $25.7 billion in 2019, a growth of about nine per cent over 2018 and the online gaming segment retained its position as the fastest growing segment on the back of transaction-based games mainly fantasy sports, increased in-app purchases and a 31 per cent growth in the number of online gamers to reach around 365 million. This represents a 14x growth since 2010, when there were 25 million gamers. The online gaming segment grew 40 per cent in 2019 to reach Rs. 65 billion and is expected to reach Rs187 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 43 per cent.

Online gaming growth was also enabled by:
  • Increased popularity of fantasy games on the back of popular sports like cricket, which grew over 100 per cent since 2018
  • Incentive to win money in transaction-based games coupled with a more pervasive mobile payments ecosystem
  • Growth of over 20 per cent in casual gaming on mobile phones
  • Online gaming in India is projected to grow faster than the global online gaming segment
  • Gaming contributed nearly 6 per cent of time spent by users across content categories on mobile devices
  • Women spent similar time on gaming applications as compared to men in India. Casual games that promoted relaxation, fun and connection were more popular with women, while competitive gaming also witnessed an increase in women participants
  • By 2022, the estimated number of employees within the online gaming segment would be over 40,00011
  • The online gaming segment also has the potential to bring in massive employment, through direct and indirect jobs that can be generated from ancillary sectors such as telecommunications, marketing, financial services and banking, technology, events and real estate
  • Indirect tax collection from online gaming for 2019 could be in excess of Rs 9.8 billion, rising to Rs28.6 billion by 202213, apart from direct taxes
  • India’s game downloads in 2019 increased 12 per cent over 2018 and amounted to 13 per cent of total game downloads worldwide
  • In 2019, 5.6 billion mobile game applications were downloaded in India which is the highest worldwide.
  • However, app store revenue from India was only 0.2 per cent of the global app store revenue
  • Time spent on gaming ranked fifth highest on mobile devices
  • Transaction-based games grew 50 per cent in 2019, led by fantasy sport games which grew by 118 per cent
FICCI conducted online gaming survey with 1,266 smartphone owning adults and the key findings are as follows:
  • There has been 10 per cent increase in number of players compared to 2018 earlier 67 per cent of smartphone users played games and this year it has increased to 77 per cent.
  • Among 59 per cent enjoying games as mode of entertainment whereas 31 per cent believes it acts as a stress reliever and 10 percent have other reasons to play games
  • Number of in app purchases have also increased by 10 per cent as 15 per cent are willing to pay for in-app purchases.
  • 74 per cent are ok to watch ads rather than pay to play which has increased from 70 per cent compared to 2018.
  • 28 mins average time spent by users in gaming as most played between 15 to 30 mins a day and 76 per cent of the audience play twice a day
  • 58 per cent prefer gaming post dinner time and 35 per cent prefer while travelling.
  • For gaming 73 person preferred mobile devices while 14 person prefer large screens
Choice of games :
  • People are preferring racing games(41 per cent), casual games(47 per cent), action and strategy games (61 per cent), and puzzels(44 per cent) as well.
  • 46 per cent have played multiplayer games and 35 per cent have played fantasy sports
  • 55 per cent have played games recommended by their friends and 43 per cent played popular games from the app store.
Global trends in gaming

According to the report here are the possible global trends can be predicted,they are as follows:

Legal sports gambling goes mainstream

Following the US Supreme Court’s decision of removing the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 2018, casinos, media companies, sports leagues, online gambling operators, fantasy sports start-ups and software providers have emerged as early winners in the market. Specifically, gaming operators have been ironing out massive contracts between professional sports leagues and individual teams which appear to be quite lucrative. Since the first legalization of sports betting, further legislation to authorize sports betting has passed in 13 states. Five more states and the District of Columbia are poised to start legal markets in the coming months, and similar bills are being considered in many other states.

Cloud gaming takes off

After mobile gaming expanded the market by making games accessible to billions of people across the globe (it remains the largest segment in 2019), cloud gaming offers a similar huge potential. Cloud gaming, in which any game can be played on any device without the consumer having to own the physical hardware required to process the game, presents a significant opportunity to expand the market for premium games beyond the current console and PC audience. Major gaming brands are looking for new ways to deliver gaming and are unveiling cloud gaming platforms. Faster internet along with 5G makes the technology feasible in more markets .

Cross-platform gaming becoming mainstream

With gaming publishers competing to expand their markets and potential audience, they are looking to create games that are played on a wide range of devices/platforms. Going forward, gamers are likely to focus more on which games they play and with whom and less on which devices they own. Players who enjoy playing with friends do not need to own the same gaming platform, be it PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, and so on.

Significant use of data analytics

Sports organisations must actively engage their different fan segments both inside and outside the game venue — they need to be agile, flexible and able to evolve their offerings. Data analytics offers the ability to give fans an exceptional experience, by getting the right content to individuals at the right time. Allowing real-time interaction and engagement, by creating relevant, consistent and personalized content helps establish a deeper connection with fans. During the game, viewers have the possibility to access instant replays, alternate views and closeup videos, vote for their favorite player, bookmark and comment. Data analytics is also used to improve public attendance and event monitoring, fine tune players, team playbooks, game plans and even to kickstart sales and promotions. Performance analytics is being used to identify weaknesses, track improvements and observe trends. Analytics is also helping professional sports teams prevent sports injuries by analyzing the data collected from wearable devices.

Moving forward what will be the gaming scene?

Here is a highlight on how the gaming scene of India will be according to the gaming experts:

Skill-based games to expand more

Nazara Technologies CEO Manish Agarwal says: “Skill Based Games played for real money + Competitive multiplayer + eSports will drive the overall gaming market going forward”. Moving on the same track All India Gaming Federation CEO Roland Landers said “ Online Real Money Skill Gaming (RMG) Industry is now poised to grow exponentially owing to the rise in digitally rich consumers and financial inclusion. The Industry needs rational taxation, both on methodologies and rates based on International best practices and endorsement of the AIGF self-regulation charter that governs stakeholders, so that businesses continue to expand and attract investments.” Junglee Games CEO Ankush Gera expects “The skill gaming industry, with close to a billion dollars in annual revenues on the backbone of Rummy and Fantasy Sports, is one of the fastest growing digital verticals in India, already seeing close to 100percent year-on-year growth. This industry will continue to beat all projections. Gaming is the opportunity for a billion screens in India and it has fully arrived.”

Digital interaction supported gameplay preference will increase

Amid the global lockdown due to coronavirus where people are practicing social distancing digital interaction is the only option left people are enjoying gaming as it also open avenues to interact with dear ones. Therefore Khel Group co-founder Nitesh Damani says, “The idea of ‘Lone Gamer’ is not true any more. A lot of gaming and a lot of interaction is no longer physical; it’s all digital and at a distance. I think there’s been this rediscovery of the joy of playing with people around the table.”

Poker possibilities in India

According to Spartan Poker founder and managing director Amin Rozani , “There has been an upward trend in the growth of poker in India, especially over the past 2 years and we believe this will continue going ahead with great value offerings and top-notch customer service driving the way.”

Adda52 CEO Naveen Goyal “Poker is a mind sport, played responsibly to learn life skills, probability and business. Gaming can take one to success in multiple facets of life.”

Multiplayer games and casual games to follow the trend

India Game Developer Conference Convenor Rajesh Rao says , “While real money gaming continues to grow rapidly, success of PUBG shows people’s propensity to spend on multiplayer games and casual should follow. With India’s per capita income being around 1/5th of China, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to forecast a games market 1/6th of China, after adjusting for lower disposable income in India… This would mean a India market in the US$4-US$7 billion range.”

10x increase in pay to play will open new avenues

Octro CEO Saurabh Aggarwal says, “India Gaming just levelled up. The 10x increase in the number of people willing to pay in games is an indication of the great things to come.”

Gaming next level

Pocket Aces co-founder Anirudh Pandita says “Globally, gaming has become a centerpiece of the consumer entertainment experience today with US gaming industry revenues now outpacing Hollywood box office receipts and approaching TV revenues. In India, increasing smartphone penetration along with cheap data is fuelling growth in gaming. Big beneficiaries have been hardcore games and gaming platforms. We are at the beginning of a secular trend that will continue for a while and will result in the formation of a gaming, game streaming, and esports ecosystem.

PokerStars India India CEO Ankur Dewani also believes that “India is perhaps one of the most exciting countries to be in for the next few decades, and we are all extremely proud and happy to be part this journey in our country’s growth phase, and in that hopefully bringing about a positive change for our industry along the way!”

As the online gaming sector gained a steady pace in the digital age India’s plan in becoming the hub of online gaming continues



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Reading to children and creating e-content targeted at child's ability to learn critical: Secretary, School Education & Literacy FICCI Publishing Awards in 6 categories presented

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Sandip Somany takes over as President of FICCI for 2018-19

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Embassy of Japan and FICCI establish India-Japan Friendship Forum (IJFF) To foster cultural and people-to-people exchanges

FICCI Welcomes UK's Immigration Whitepaper for inviting Skilled Workforce

FICCI welcomes GST rate reduction roadmap Pragmatic rationalisation of tax rates has taken GST reform to its next level: Sandip Somany, President, FICCI

FICCI welcomes loan-restructuring window for MSMEs

India Pharma 2019 & India Medical Device 2019 on 18-19 Feb. in Bengaluru

Kumbh represents glorious traditions of India

FICCI welcomes sharing of AIR news feed by Prasar Bharati to private FM radio channels

FICCI welcomes doubling of GST exemption threshold from Rs 20 lakh to 40 lakh

Launch of National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) By Ministry Of Environment, Forest and Climate Change a Landmark Step

FICCI recommends cut in corporate tax rate, revision of IT slabs for individual taxpayers in Budget 2019-20

FICCI welcomes government's move to accord 'industry status' to hospitals

FICCI, MSME Ministry to hold buyer-seller meets to create market and develop supportive ecosystem for the SC/ST entrepreneurs

FICCI suggests cut in repo rate, CRR at a meeting called by RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das

FICCI suggests housing scheme for women garment workers in cities Grant of higher FAR in existing factories merits consideration

FICCI ARISE mounts high-powered delegation of top educationists and policy makers to London for BETT and

Justice Deepak Gupta, Judge, Supreme Court roots for institutional arbitration as way forward in resolving commercial disputes

RBI's change in Monetary Policy Stance is a welcome beginning: FICCI

Hiring and Production Outlook Improves in Manufacturing: FICCI Survey Export Outlook Continue to be Affected by Global Demand Factors

FICCI-IBA Bankers' Survey July - December 2018

Access to affordable medical care and National Health Protection Scheme, priority of Government: D V Sadananda Gowda

Conference on IPR for Global Business in Bangalore on February 22

India is partner for the future, says Argentine President; seeks Indian investments to boost economic cooperation

Inauguration of second phase of Global Accelerator and Incubation Programme inaugurated at Vizag

Seminar on Communication, Coordination and Collaboration -Strengthening the fight against counterfeiting and smuggling-

FICCI welcomes GST Council's decision to cut Real Estate GST rates

Appropriate & cost-effective technology vital to curb stubble burning: C. K. Mishra, Secretary, MoEF&CC

PPP in digital health can provide affordable access and quality in Indian healthcare and catalyse Ayushman Bharat: Commerce Secretary

Key role of States in giving 'Udan' scheme a boost, says Suresh Prabhu at 'WINGS 2019'

SEBI assures of all steps to deepen commodity derivatives market; Education and awareness key to promote participation: S K Mohanty, Whole Time Member, SEBI

'FICCI GOAL 2019' set to spark Indian football renaissance 2-day convention to be held in New Delhi on March 26-27, 2019

Reach out to the uninsured and provide standardised and quality services, IRDAI Chairman advises health insurance companies and healthcare providers

Need to adopt best standards and align workforce expertise with needs of Industry 4.0: Atul Chaturvedi, Additional Secretary, DPIIT

FICCI applauds the success of "Mission Shakti"

It's time that we change the narrative from 'Women empowerment' to 'Women In-Powerment': Dr. Bhaskar Das, Group President, Republic Media Network

FICCI welcomes 25 basis points cut in repo rate

Climate action not merely a box to tick but also an exciting $6 trillion business opportunity: Mr. Jawahar Vadivelu, Outgoing President of International Chamber of Commerce, India

FICCI lauds US Government's Crackdown on Counterfeits

India's digital infrastructure will revive the economy: Nandan Nilekani at FICCI NECM

Workshop on measurement of pollutants for implementing new emission norms for Thermal Power Plants

Resolution plans under IBC have yielded 200% of liquidation value for creditors: Dr M S Sahoo, Chairperson, IBBI

FICCI signs MoU with Signify Innovations India to Further the Cause of Safety at Workplace

FICCI, NASSCOM & A.T. Kearney join hands with World Auto Forum to present world's first ever automotive program on AI, IoT and Blockchain technology

India to have 2,500 new hospitals in 5 years, creating 2.5 million jobs - Dr V K Paul, Member, NITI Aayog

Utilize Mini-ministerial to create support for revitalizing WTO: FICCI to Government

Positive Sentiments Continue for Manufacturing in Q-4: FICCI Survey

Condolence message on the passing away of Mr Y C Deveshwar

Reduce interest rate, corporate tax, free up agriculture: Dr Surjit Bhalla

FICCI President Sandip Somany Congratulates PM Narendra Modi on NDA win in the Lok Sabha Polls

FICCI Pitches for abolition of MAT in the Full-Budget

FICCI to organize 'First Edition of Travel & Tourism Excellence Awards 2019'

FICCI-ADPC pact to promote disaster risk management in private sector

FICCI Survey projects GDP growth for 2019-20 at 7.1%, and 7.2% for 2020-21

FICCI compliments PM for extending direct income support to all farmers

FICCI calls for India-US dialogue to reverse GSP withdrawal

FICCI welcomes 25 bps repo rate cut by RBI

India, China should collaborate for mutual growth: Gujarat Chief Minister

Future of India-Japan relationship is AI, IoT, 5G: Japanese Ambassador

FICCI-led Indian delegation in Russia to collaborate on ICT emerging technologies

India-LAC trade up 20-fold yet since 2002; huge potential untapped: MEA official

Bold Reform Measures Required for a Higher Growth Trajectory: Sandip Somany, President, FICCI

AP police officers get trained to check counterfeiting, smuggling, piracy

FICCI textiles industry delegation submits agenda to Minister of Textiles Ms Smriti Zubin Irani

FICCI Reaction on GST Council Decisions

Outlook Moderates for Manufacturing in Quarter 1 of 2019-20: FICCI Survey

Raise profile, status of nursing and midwifery to improve health, promote gender equity, strengthen economies: Lord Nigel Crisp

Include Battery Swapping Services under FAME-II scheme: FICCI

FICCI congratulates government on completion of two-years of GST

Economic Survey 2018-19 a blueprint to achieve Prime Minister's vision for 5 trillion-dollar economy by 2024-25: FICCI

After warships, India needs to build world class merchant vessels: Vice Admiral A.K. Saxena

FICCI congratulates ISRO on the successful launch of Chandrayaan-2

लखनऊ में द्वितीय ग्राउण्ड ब्रेकिंग सेरेमनी का उद्घाटन सत्र

FICCI welcomes RBI's decision to further liberalise the ECB norms

FICCI statement on the new CSR requirements and penalties for non-compliance

FICCI grieves the sad demise of Ms Sushma Swaraj

FICCI committed to boost industrial growth of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh:Sandip Somany, President, FICCI

FICCI welcomes 35 bps repo rate cut by RBI

Technological breakthrough needed for effective crop insurance: CEO, PMFBY

FICCI pitches for further cut in interest rate, better transmission, at the meeting with Finance Minister

FICCI-IBA Bankers' Survey January-June 2019

Economic slowdown dampens sentiments

FICCI welcomes measures announced by the Finance Minister to achieve higher economic growth

FICCI mourns sad demise of Mr Arun Jaitley

Q1 2019-20 GDP growth pegged at 6.0%: FICCI Economic Outlook Survey

Huge business opportunity between Rajasthan and Japan: Rajasthan Deputy CM Sachin Pilot

Odisha Tourism showcases its offerings in the City of Joy

FICCI welcome further consolidation in banking sector

FICCI statement on Q1 GDP growth numbers

Griffith Business School and FICCI FLO partner to enhance business opportunities for Indian women entrepreneurs

Andhra Pradesh government sets up Blue Economy Cell: Principal Secretary, Andhra Pradesh Industries and Infrastructure

FICCI welcomes measures to boost exports and housing sector

Global stakeholders dialogue to check counterfeiting, smuggling at MASCRADE 2019

Tax reliefs to corporates will act as a booster dose to revive growth: Sandip Somany, President FICCI

Huge potential for increasing India-Mongolia economic relations: Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister for Petroleum & Natural Gas and Steel


Dharmendra Pradhan inaugurates Steel 'Chintan Shivir'

Indiana invites Indian companies to explore business opportunities: Governor Eric J Holcomb

FICCI welcomes 25-bps repo rate cut, RBI emphasis on reviving growth

FICCI welcomes 25-bps repo rate cut, RBI emphasis on reviving growth

Baroness Usha Prashar appointed as the Chair of FICCI UK Council

India-China should focus on strengthening trade facilitation - Counselor, Embassy of People's Republic of China

India-US dialogue key to pragmatic solutions on intellectual property issues - FICCI IPR Committee Chair

India's EODB Ranking Improvements a Strong Positive Message to Investors: FICCI

FICCI mourns sad demise of its Past President Mr K K Modi

MoD-FICCI delegation to Russia to seek stronger cooperation under Make in India (November 5-6, 2019)

FICCI fully supports PM Narendra Modi's decision against joining RCEP

Tamil Nadu committed to supporting aerospace and petrochemicals sectors: Thiru. M.C. Sampath, Minister for Industries at FICCI NECM

Government to buy 10% bonds issued by MSMEs: Nitin Gadkari

BRICSMATH to build mathematical abilities in students: CBSE Joint Secretary Pushkar Vohra

FICCI statement on Supreme Court's judgement on Essar Steel

Bulgarian Deputy PM invites Indian investments in Bulgaria

FICCI welcomes government steps to push the reform agenda further

FICCI-IMI-IFPI organise seminar on Digital Piracy

FICCI statement on Q2 GDP growth

FICCI disappointed with no rate cut by RBI

Arbitration has achieved judicial acceptance in India: Justice Surya Kant, Judge, Supreme Court of India

FICCI ARISE partners with Nexus of Good for reforms in education

Greenhouse gas emissions in Railways cut by 25% in 2017-18: Principal Executive Director, Railway Board

Railways needs $600 billion by 2030 to NDC goal on freight - Principal ED, Railway Board

Indian Railways moving towards deep decarbonization pathways - Principal ED, Railway Board

FICCI constitutes Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

Italy to be the partner country at FICCI FRAMES 2020

Allow higher education institutions to invest surplus in alternative asset classes: FICCI

I believe in India's vision for sure, but several issues need to be sorted to realize our full potential: Rajnish Kumar, Chairman, SBI

Iran has a huge capacity for book related collaborations: Dr Mohsin Jawadi

FICCI Suggests Relaxation of the Fiscal Deficit Target to Boost Demand

Indian skies are in for very promising times; Win-Win opportunities await all the stakeholders in the Civil Aviation Sector : Hardeep Singh Puri

Develop IT, e-commerce among SCO member countries: SCO Secretary General Vladimir Norov

Quick notification of e-pharmacy rules needed: FICCI

Bengaluru has the potential of becoming the aviation capital of India: Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation

CM Naveen Patnaik inaugurates the five-day Krushi Odisha 2020 exhibition cum agri fair

Govt looking at reducing entry barrier in coal mining: Coal Secretary

Investments in economy need to be sustainable: Rajasree Ray, Economic Adviser, Ministry of Finance

Commercial coal mining to modernize India's coal sector: Vinod Kumar Tiwari, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Coal

GDP growth seen at 5.0% in 2019-20; 5.5% in 2020-21: FICCI Economic Outlook Survey

Overall Confidence Index improves after seven quarters - FICCI Business Confidence Survey

FICCI on Economic Survey 2019-20: 2020 the Decade of New India

Indian diaspora owned businesses make a significant and growing contribution to the UK

FICCI Statement on Monetary Policy

FICCI mourns sad demise of its Past President Dr V L Dutt

Our collective action can help India brace for the likely impact of COVID-19: FICCI President Dr Sangita Reddy

FICCI Issues General Advisory for Members on COVID-19 - 'Be Alert and Not Anxious'

FICCI welcomes cabinet decision to decriminalise bona fide defaults

Maha Vikas Aghadi Government Presents a Balanced Budget on Completion of 100 days in office

FICCI-IBA Bankers' Survey July - December 2019

Telangana to re-activate old airports, 3 new greenfield & 3 brownfield airports soon - K T Rama Rao, Minister for Industries & Commerce, IT, Electronics & Communications and Municipal Administration & Urban Development, Telangana Government

FICCI welcomes GST Council decisions

We need to bring aviation turbine fuel under GST - Hardeep Singh Puri, Minister of Civil Aviation, Government of India

FICCI pledges support to government to help minimize the impact of COVID-19 in India

FICCI Hails Cabinet Approval of Schemes to Boost Electronics Manufacturing

FICCI welcomes Cabinet decision on Bulk Drug Parks

FICCI welcomes relief measures announced by Finance Minister, it is a good first step

FICCI welcomes PM Gareeb Kalyan Scheme, it will take care of the Poor and vulnerable, Women, MSME workers, effectively

Need for urgent fiscal and non-fiscal interventions to deal with COVID-19 impact: Healthcare Industry

FICCI welcomes the decisions announced by the Finance Minister

FICCI SEDF and Goodera bring together India Inc's CSR leaders in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic

Media and entertainment industry in 2019 grew by almost 9% to reach INR 1.82 trillion: FICCI - EY Report 2020

RBI measures a welcome relief for the Industry

Medical Devices sector seeks government support in ensuring supply of essential medical equipment intact

FICCI launches training courses for healthcare workers on COVID-19

Government to support in uninterrupted critical supplies during lockdown due to COVID-19: P Raghavendra Rao

FICCI CASCADE and TRACIT issues warning on illicit products during Coronavirus crisis

FICCI committed to supporting PM's Business Continuity Plan

FICCI fully supports PM's decision to extend the lockdown and plan for a graded opening up

FICCI welcomes the detailed guidelines issued by the MHA for calibrated relaxation in the lockdown

COVID-19 pandemic leaves the private healthcare sector in financial distress: FICCI-EY study

FICCI welcomes MHA guideline on opening of industry manufacturing under guideline No. 40-3/2020-DM-I(A)

FICCI welcomes MHA guideline on opening of industry manufacturing under guideline No. 40-3/2020-DM-I(A)

Current crisis is an opportunity to reorient businesses, relook efficiency, and look at the way we do business: Piyush Goyal

Virtual Roundtable on 'COVID19 - Issues, Challenges & Way forward'

FICCI welcomes RBI steps, looks forward to more such measures

Access to good content major concern with single screens, need capital infusion and technologies: FICCI-Comscore

MNRE provides a blanket extension to Renewable Energy projects till the period of lockdown and beyond for normalisation after lockdown

Unprecedented collapse in economic activity over the last few weeks: FICCI-Dhruva Covid-19 Business Impact Survey

All necessary support will be given, industries should invest in state: Bhupesh Baghel

Extension of lockdown for further two weeks with new guidelines will allow calibrated opening of economic activities: President FICCI

Webinar on Navigating COVID19: Accessing Finance through CBILS for your Business

FICCI welcomes Prime Minister's push towards coal, mining reforms

Government to soon announce relief package for MSME sector - Nitin Gadkari

Change in Consumer Behavior Can Impact the Demand for EV in the Short term: FICCI

FICCI - Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas releases FICCI Frames 'Entertainment Law Book 2020' Report

FICCI launches first international 'Virtual Healthcare and Hygiene Expo 2020'

FICCI launches a free helpline for Non-COVID patients

FICCI welcomes Rs 20 lakh crore economic package announced by the Prime Minister

FICCI welcomes PM's Step1: Mission Revive India

FICCI welcomes announcement of second tranche of economic package by Finance Minister

FICCI organizes webinar on 'Navigating the New Normal'

Anna-dattas finally get their due

Art of Living with coronavirus is the new normal: Nitin Gadkari

Biotechnology is asset heavy industry, a stimulus package can help the sector to become self-reliant

FICCI welcomes final tranche of the 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' economic package

FICCI lauds Union Cabinet's approval of Coal Blocks Allocation (Amendment) Rules, 2020

Real estate rental agreements and contracts will continue to prevail during Covid-19 scenario: Former Judge, Supreme Court of India

Kerala keen to make itself the most preferred investment destination - Kerala Chief Minister

Poultry industry should follow cluster approach for market linkage with Maize farmers and FPOs: S K Malhotra, Agriculture Commissioner

Start-up companies can now bid in railway tenders - Member Railway Board

FICCI welcomes RBI measures

Govt. considering bringing natural gas under GST regime: Petroleum Secretary

Women will have a leading role in post COVID-19 economy: Dharmendra Pradhan

Revision in MSME definition will expand benefits to more units: FICCI

FICCI welcomes launch of three forward-looking schemes by the Minister for Electronics & IT Ravi Shankar Prasad

FICCI provides a Rational Costing Solution for COVID Treatment at Private Hospitals

Auctioning of Mineral Blocks with Pre-Embedded Clearances: A Step Towards Atmanirbhar Bharat in Mining Space - FICCI

Govt. committed to its renewable energy target of 30 GW by 2022: Gujarat Energy Minister

Govt to soon connect 50 lakh weavers and artisans with GeM portal - Smriti Irani

Immediate steps required to minimise COVID-19 impact and revive the sector: FICCI - Grant Thornton Travel and Tourism report

FICCI welcomes Govt's move to introduce a methodology for rationalisation of coal linkages for regulated, non-regulated sectors

FICCI moots need for Economical, Accurate & Scalable COVID-19 Testing Solutions for seroprevalence studies

Telangana govt focusing on investments in high employment generating sectors - K T Rama Rao

FICCI encouraged by the confidence of rating agencies in India's growth revival

FICCI CASCADE lauds DRI for a major haul of smuggled cigarettes

India and Australia have a larger role to play in Indo-Pacific region

Adopt yoga and Indian lifestyle for a healthy life: Prahlad Singh Patel

Prakash Javadekar inaugurates virtual India Pavilion at Cannes Film Market 2020

Govt & industry together can take FinTech 2.0 to the next level: K Rajaraman

ICCR open to ideas, let us work together - Dinesh Patnaik, DG ICCR

SVAMITVA scheme will be a game changer for Drone Industry - Surveyor General of India at FICCI event

Kerala to be promoted as a safe and hygienic tourist destination: Tourism Secretary, Govt of Kerala

Post COVID Support Required to Electric Vehicles: FICCI Recommendations to Government

India has cyber security handling capability, priority on promoting indigenization: National Cyber Security Coordinator, GoI

Constant vigilance & consumer awareness key in combating growing trade of illicit goods: Additional Secretary, J&K Govt

81% of eligible MSMEs in ECLGS are structurally strong: MD and CEO, TransUnion CIBIL

Indian UAS Rules 2020 will facilitate Industrial Revolution 4.0: FICCI Recommendations to Government

Govt endeavours to promote untapped destinations in J&K: Baseer Ahmed Khan

J&K Travel and tourism industry seeks support from government

More Food Processing Industries to be allowed to operate under the revised guidelines: Commissioner, J&K Industries and Commerce Department

Govt is ensuring support to labours, and industries: J&K Labour and Employment Secretary

UP Govt committed to organising Grand & Divine Kumbh: Swatantra Dev Singh

Unprecedented impact of Covid-19 on Start-ups: FICCI-IAN Survey

FICCI-Dhruva Advisors Industry Survey: Rebooting the Indian Economy

Create social businesses beneficial for people in post pandemic world: Nobel Laureate, Prof Muhammad Yunus

Economic policies by governments will shape the trajectory of recovery: Dr Sangita Reddy, President, FICCI

Govt working to reduce GST on bio-diesel: Joint Secretary (Refineries), MoP&NG

Govt focusing on demand-based skilling, promoting apprenticeship program and future skills: Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey

UNICEF India Partners with FICCI for #Reimagine Campaign

FICCI-Swasth partnership to drive rapid healthcare transformation

COVID-19 Triggered Economic Distress Sees Sharp Spike in Smuggling of Goods: FICCI CASCADE

Mizoram is the first state to grant industry status to sports: Mizoram Sports Minister

Sri Lanka to facilitate, protect & promote liberal ecosystem for Indian investors: Foreign Secretary Aryasinha

Dr Jitendra Singh launches 'ASEAN Initiative', first collaborative effort of 'India ASEAN Women's Business Forum'

FICCI Statement on Bulk Drug Park and Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme

FICCI Recommendations For UNLOCK 3.0: Vigilance Is The Core

Saving Water is key to Overcome India's Water Crisis: Addl Secretary & Mission Director, National Water Mission

Saving Water is key to Overcome India's Water Crisis: Addl Secretary & Mission Director, National Water Mission

Importance of knowledge sharing cannot be overlooked: Prof Mohd Faizul Bin Mohd Sabri

Empowering Teachers for Digital Future: Launch of FICCI-EXTRAMARKS Smart Teacher Training Program

National Education Policy (NEP) looks transformational: FICCI

FICCI congratulates RBI steps towards resolution of loans in the Monetary Policy

FICCI & OYO co-create Online Certification Course for the Hospitality Industry in the post COVID world

FICCI applauds the announcement of 101 Defence items for embargo on imports

New Education Policy is flexible and will transform the education landscape: Chairman, AICTE

FICCI welcomes the launch of 'Transparent Taxation-Honouring the Honest' platform

e-Pharmacies can collaborate with CSCs to improve healthcare access in rural areas: MoS Health & Family Welfare

Prime Minister outlined a comprehensive vision for India to be a leading economy in the world

Structured response group critical to manage disaster management: Executive Director, NIDM

Insurance companies must focus on innovative, simple & transparent products: IRDAI Chairman

Industry calls for review of AITIGA to resolve NTB's, cover services and harmonise Rules of Origin

Dedicated Cargo Ferry Service between India and Maldives to boost business between the two countries: Joint Secretary, MEA

Government is accelerating Ease of Doing Business, Insurance companies must bring Ease of Claims: Anurag Thakur

Sports is a priority sector in Odisha; Continuous efforts key to unlocking states potential: MoS for Sports & Youth Services, Govt of Odisha

Need to focus on making India resilient for business opportunities in Africa: Secretary (ER), MEA

India reiterates review of ASEAN India FTA, FICCI supports the cause

Wish to see more women being conferred with Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and Dronacharya Awards in future: MoS for Woman & Child Development

Chhattisgarh govt committed to promote local products, eliminate illicit trade in the State: Chhattisgarh Industry Minister, Kawasi Lakhma

FICCI statement on Q1 GDP numbers

India needs to promote Ayurveda to win the world market for natural remedies: Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH

"Treatment Outside Hospital - Future of Healthcare": Dr Prathap C Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group

Support from Govt critical in survival & revival of Indian Tourism industry: FICCI

An Inclusive workplace can lead to better individuals, businesses, and organisational outcomes: Keshav Suri

Co-production Treaty to take India-Italy cooperation to a new level: Prakash Javadekar

Healthcare should be available, affordable & accessible to all: Secretary, MoHFW

Ongoing COVID challenges, decline in OPD footfalls, and higher cost of consumables continue to cripple Healthcare in India: President, FICCI

Focus on increasing investments, emerging technologies and human capital to strengthen India-Arab region relations: Secretary (CPV, OIA & Arab), MEA

Need to curb Counterfeiting & Piracy to ensure the relevance of Intellectual Property: Justice Prathiba M. Singh

FICCI applauds promulgation of Defence Acquisition Procedure 2020

FICCI applauds promulgation of Defence Acquisition Procedure 2020

Concentrated efforts required towards women's safety at workplace: Secretary, Women & Child Development Department, Gujarat Govt

FICCI launches 'Taskforce on Ayurveda Tourism'

FICCI welcomes Rs 1 lakh crore demand boost to the economy

Travel & Hospitality industry survey findings indicate a long recovery for the sector; support from the government critical: FICCI-Nielsen Report

WATAC under WCO is working towards digitization of carnet system: ATA Carnet Manager, WATAC

COVID-19 will mark an era of a paradigm shift in the realm of diplomacy with healthcare medical diplomacy taking the centre stage: Ambassador of India to UAE

IPICOL and FICCI sign MoU for Investment Promotion Activities of Make in Odisha Conclave

Active coordination between states imperative to revive tourism sector: Minister of Tourism, Govt of Odisha

UK-India Investing for Growth Forum

India & Five Central Asian Countries to Focus on Developing Air Corridors, Promote Collaboration in Healthcare sector: 2nd India-Central Asia Business Council meeting

Creating consumer awareness and reducing illicit market operations vital for India's growth: Minister of Food & Civil Supplies, Govt of Kerala

SCO member states must join hands to promote mutual trust and human-centric development: Chairman National Chapter of SCO in India

Indian economy set to bounce back and emerge stronger from the COVID crisis: Dr Sangita Reddy, President, FICCI

Need for sustained high-level G2G and B2B bilateral engagements to further bolster India-France relations: Ambassador of India to France

FICCI welcomes the simplified OSP guidelines announced by the government

French recovery plan can benefit Indian investors based in France, create new opportunities for a greener economy: Ambassador of France to India

FICCI welcomes Cabinet's announcement of PLI scheme in 10 sectors to boost manufacturing

Finance Minister offers a huge Diwali Bonanza that will lift growth, employment, exports and make India part of the global value chains: President, FICCI

FICCI CASCADE launches campaign to safeguard consumer interest

Seizure of illicit cigarettes jumps by 800% during COVID times

FICCI welcomes RBI working group recommendations on ownership and structure for Indian private sector banks

FICCI Tourism Committee requests for urgent govt support for survival and revival of Indian Travel, Tourism & Hospitality industry

FICCI Manufacturing Survey Points Towards Recovery of the Sector in Q-2

Odisha ready to promote Eco Retreat: Minister of Tourism, Odisha

Hydrogen has the potential to empower the energy transition in India: Dr VK Saraswat

FICCI statement on Q2 GDP numbers

New Labour Codes expanded the scope of engaging contract labour - Industry Experts

Uday Shankar is President-Elect, FICCI (2020-21)

FICCI statement on RBI Monetary Policy

Govt likely to introduce PLI Scheme with modifications for Indian plastics recycling industry: Mansukh Mandaviya

Tourism industry in Maharashtra will flourish post-COVID: Aditya Thackeray

Industry underlines serious impact of farmers' agitation on the economy: FICCI-CMSME

FICCI's Recommendations for Union Budget 2021-22

Odisha Tourism Promotes Odisha by Road Campaign and Eco-Retreat - A Luxury Glamping Initiative In Five Locations: Konark, Bhitarkanika, Hirakud, Satkosia and Daringbadi

Need fresh approach towards farm sector - Moving beyond production targets to creating opportunities for higher income realisation for farmers

FICCI welcomes move to lay down Rights to the Electricity Consumers through 'Electricity (Rights of Consumers) Rules, 2020'

Odisha launches three road trip circuits between Kolkata and key destinations of the state

FICCI Dhruva Advisors Industry Survey (December 2020)

Private sector willing to partner with the government for accelerating COVID-19 vaccine administration

Industry desires Realty Premiums Deductions in other States after Maharashtra Govt cuts Realty Premiums to 50%

Roundtable Discussion with Chairman, SEBI on Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting

FICCI-Dhruva Advisors Pre-Budget 2021-22 Survey [January 2021]

GDP Growth for 2020-21 projected at (-) 8.0% : FICCI Economic Outlook Survey (January 2021)

Maharashtra's new Renewable Energy policy to attract Rs 75,000 crore investments: Minister of Power and New & Renewable Energy, Govt of Maharashtra

FICCI statement on President of India's address at the Joint Session of Parliament

FICCI statement on Economic Survey 2020-21

FICCI Pre-budget expectations for Medical Devices sector

Vision is for India to be the Drone Hub of the world; Drones shall play a key role in future armed conflicts: Amber Dubey, JS, MoCA

Indian aviation sector a critical enabler for India's endeavour towards US$ 5 trillion economy: Hardeep Singh Puri

FICCI partners with CIF, TRI, & the Consulate General of India for the 'Canada - India Healthcare Summit 2021'

Nation has the Scope, Capacity and Potential to create an MRO ecosystem: Air Marshal Vibhas Pande

FICCI statement on RBI Monetary Policy

Madhya Pradesh and Belarus look to further economic and trade ties

Indian Pharma market is expected to grow to US$ 130 billion by 2030: DV Sadananda Gowda

FICCI welcomes Prime Minister Narendra Modi's acknowledgement of the role of Indian industry and business

24 countries set to participate in the 2nd MARITIME INDIA SUMMIT - 2021 which starts from 2nd March


CM to launch world-class inclusive incubators - O Hub, in April: Principal Secretary, MSME Department, Govt of Odisha

India & Singapore should invoke 3Bs-Buddhism, Bollywood, Business, to make it the defining partnership of this century: Piyush Goyal

Collaboration with private sector key to create 21st Century's defence sector- PM Narendra Modi

FICCI Launches Young Leaders Forum in Madhya Pradesh to drive business & social impact through various multi sectoral initiatives in the state

Govt aims to become self-reliant in silk sector in next two years: Smriti Irani

FICCI supports PM's mantra of Monetise and Modernise for increasing Productivity, Economic Growth and Jobs

FICCI Reaction on PLI Announcement

FICCI Statement on Q3 2021 GDP Numbers

Govt committed to support domestic travel & hospitality sector with multiple infrastructure projects: Nitin Gadkari

Digital transformation through Blockchain and Smart Contracts will help create a thriving economy: Chief Technology Officer, EMURGO Academy

Consultative approach of the government in forming policy for chemicals & petrochemicals sector: DV Sadananda Gowda

Increased surveillance, creating awareness, coordination amongst law enforcement agencies

2021 will witness Jharkhand as a preferred investors destination: Hemant Soren, Chief Minister, Jharkhand

Publishers should work towards NEP objective of making India a knowledge society: Chairman, NBT

Liberalisation of geospatial policies offers golden opportunity to the private sector: Prof K Vijay Raghavan, Principal Scientific Advisor, GoI

Overall Confidence Index touches a decadal high of 74.2 in the latest survey round: FICCI Business Confidence Survey

FICCI Joins the Global Call to Action for Financial Equality by Committing to Responsible Digitization of Women Merchants with Govt of India

FICCI collaborates with Microsoft to launch a whitepaper on inclusion of persons with disabilities

Indian women play huge role in the growth of our economy but their strong impact in technology & defence sector deserves utmost respect: Dr Ajay Kumar, Defence Secretary

Odisha to soon launch unified portal to facilitate downstream units in metal sector: Principal Secretary, Industries, Govt of Odisha

Foundation of strong, fit & Atmanirbhar Bharat will happen at the household level: Ekta Vishnoi, SAI

India one of the most open FDI economies globally: Secretary, DPIIT

Need to ensure that export control regime of dual-use items not an impediment but aligned to India's global commitments: DG, Directorate General of Foreign Trade

India's FinTech industry valuation estimated at USD 150-160 billion by 2025: FICCI-BCG report

The next big disruption within the Indian start-up ecosystem will be driven by women entrepreneurs: Amitabh Kant

Mining reforms to increase employment and GDP: FICCI

FICCI SMART Policing awards recognizes islands of excellence across the country: Prakash Singh, Chairman, Indian Police Foundation

FICCI-IFSCA sign MoU for development of GIFT City as world-class Fintech hub

Manufacturing Gaining Lost Momentum in Q-4: FICCI Manufacturing Survey

Improved productivity in developing countries key to ensuring food security, nutrition and meeting SDG commitments: Additional Secretary, MoA&FW, GoI

FICCI welcomes move to lower age criteria for COVID-19 vaccination

Science, technology and innovation plays critical role when the world is faced with unprecedented challenges like COVID-19: Prof Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, DST

Media and Entertainment industry expected to reach INR 2.23 trillion by 2023: FICCI-EY report

FICCI-AIBC Joint Forum identifies new pharma opportunities between Australia and India

Govt committed towards comprehensive partnership with Korea in defence cooperation: Secretary Defence Production

Gujarat ideal destination for investment in renewable energy and transmission : Anand Kumar, Chairman, Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission (GERC)

India and Bangladesh Partner on Rural Technologies

Make in Madhya Pradesh and serve the nation: Sanjay Kumar Shukla, Principal Secretary, Industrial Policy and Investment Promotion, Govt of Madhya Pradesh

RBI's bias to maintain accommodative stance reassuring: FICCI President

Make in India through Industry 4.0 is an important transition in the manufacturing sector: Dr VK Saraswat

Need PLI-type scheme to ramp-up COVID Vaccine manufacturing in India

BRICS Business Council Launches 'BRICS Solutions for SDGs Awards 2021'

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman assures industry of Government's support; Industry should wait & watch to assess the situation

Imperative to break the COVID chain, need industry support to meet the oxygen crisis: Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh

Urge industry for healthcare support to fight the crisis: TS Singh Deo, Minister Health Care & GST, Government of Chhattisgarh

Govt taking measures to enable MSMEs protect IP Rights, monetize creative innovations: Joint Secretary, DPIIT

FICCI-BVMW procure 1,500 oxygen concentrators from Germany

Need support of Industry in procuring oxygen and necessary drugs: Maharashtra Health Minister

FICCI welcomes the announcement of Pound 1 billion invest boost by UK and India

Need for stronger political security ties, defence cooperation and the Indo-Pacific strategy between EU and India: Ambassador of India to Belgium, Luxembourg, and the European Union

Technology Transfer and Voluntary Licenses will help to improve vaccine supply: FICCI

Govt calls for collaborative effort and action to reduce the impact of cyclone in pandemic time

Vaccination is the only effective way to fight and end the pandemic: Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh

Govt to implement lockdown strictly in state to break the chain of infection: Police Commissioner, Cyberabad, Govt of Telangana

With rapid action, coordination and effective communication we will overcome Yaas cyclone: Piyush Goyal

FICCI Ladies Organisation launches its 18th Chapter- Jammu-Kashmir & Ladakh

Government to leave no stone unturned to revive economic activity: Minister, Industrial Policy & Investment Promotion, Govt of MP

FICCI welcomes GST Council decisions

Relaxations announced under ECLGS 1 will serve the MSMEs well: Uday Shankar, President, FICCI

Record surge in the COVID-19 infections deeply impacts business sentiments: FICCI Business Confidence Survey

Urgent need to boost demand through Direct Income Support measures: FICCI

Adequate amount of vaccine will be available from August onwards: Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog

In shaping a post-COVID reality, there is no way out for India but growth: Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog

Imperative to accelerate momentum for adoption of consumer health solutions to support the national health system: Drug Controller General, MoH&FW

FICCI welcomes RBI's consistency and approach to manage challenges of economy and health

FICCI launches media awareness campaign 'Corona Ko Harana Hai'

FICCI welcomes centralised vaccine procurement announcement by Prime Minister

India-Russia Joint Technology Assessment and Accelerated Commercialization Programme is in line with Atmanirbhar Bharat policy: Prof Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, DST

New Jharkhand Industrial & Investment Promotion policy to be launched within a week: Govt of Jharkhand

FICCI and it's members deeply saddened at the sudden demise of Dr Guruprasad Mohapatra, Secretary, DPIIT

FICCI Welcomes FAME 2 amendments to accelerate EV demand

FICCI - Dhruva Advisors Business Survey

FICCI urges government to support Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry in resolving urgent liquidity crisis

Azerbaijani infrastructure ideally prepared to activate INSTC - Ambassador of India to Azerbaijan

FICCI welcomes further policy reforms of the OSP Guidelines announced by the Ministry of Communications

FICCI welcomes govt notification to extend FAME II scheme till 2024

FICCI welcomes govt's announcements to exempt tax on COVID medical treatment, ex-gratia payment on death

Together we can convert the COVID crisis into an opportunity: Minister for Higher Education, Govt of Odisha

Emphasis on COVID affected sectors in latest relief package was the need of the hour: FICCI

Govt identifying schemes to benefit the MSMEs in service sector: Additional Secretary & Development Commissioner, Ministry of MSME, GoI

Fund allocation to SHGs under Mission Shakti to double: Sujatha R Karthikeyan, Commissioner-cum-Secretary, Mission Shakti, Govt of Odisha

Need to harness digital revolution in Indian steel sector: Dr VK Saraswat, Member, NITI Aayog

Equipment used by Olympic athletes can be imported temporarily under Carnets in Japan: General Manager, Japan Commercial Arbitration Association

Minister of Information & Broadcasting Prakash Javadekar to inaugurate virtual 'India Pavilion at Cannes Film Market, 2021' on 6th July 2021

FICCI-ASCI report lays down COVID-related actionable recommendations

India and Israel have strong bilateral relations; Urge Israeli companies to invest in Indian Defence corridors: Sanjay Jaju, Additional Secretary, (DP), MoD

Pace at which digital adoption has taken place across the country is phenomenal; Digital India played a huge role since the pandemic struck: Abhishek Singh, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

NEP 2020 a game changer; Need to integrate higher education and vocational training: Vice Chairman, Telangana State Council of Higher Education

FICCI welcomes cabinet decision on continuation of RoSCTL scheme for Garments and Made-ups

Public-Private Partnership will be strengthened in Healthcare sector: Veena George, Health & Family Welfare Minister, Govt of Kerala

Assam Budget 2021-22 - a forward looking budget with no additional tax burden: Chairman, FICCI Northeast Advisory Council

Investments in upstream sector to continue; policies will be made conducive to attract foreign investment: Additional Secretary (E&CVO), MoP&NG

FICCI welcomes PLI Scheme for Specialty Steel Sector

Science and Technology one of the important tools besides culture, sports that brings communities together: Head, International Cooperation Division, DST, GoI

e-RUPI is a major step forward and a milestone to good governance: FICCI

Rice fortification to commence in the state soon: Satish Chandra Choudhary, Addl Secretary, Dept of Food, Public Distribution and Consumer Affairs, Govt of Jharkhand

Accommodative stance of RBI is encouraging: FICCI

FICCI welcomes the path highlighted by Prime Minister to achieve higher export target by end of this year

India's participation at Venice Film Festival to create new opportunities, boost collaboration between India-Italy: Ambassador of India to Italy

Air Force to expand its footprint in space exploration in partnership with ISRO: Vice Chief of the Air Staff, Indian Air Force

FICCI welcomes PLI for Textile sector

Set-up Credit Guarantee Fund under BRICS to provide financial support to women entrepreneurs: BRICS Women's Business Alliance Annual Report 2021

Outlook for Q-2 Manufacturing Rises Significantly: FICCI Manufacturing Survey

FICCI welcomes Cabinet approval for PLI in Auto and Drones sector

Setting up of NARCL a landmark development, signifies continuation of reforms: FICCI

FICCI to organize 'Integrating Methods of Pharmaco-economics to Accelerate Healthcare Transformation' on 23 September '21

Strategic Focus by Government and De-risking Supply Chains Presents 2X Opportunity for India in Global Toys Market by 2025: FICCI-KPMG in India Report

Overarching reforms like National Health Policy 2017 & National Health Mission transformed Indian healthcare status: Rajesh Bhushan, Health Secretary

India needs robust point of care interventions for tackling future infectious diseases: FICCI-ELSEVIER Whitepaper on Infectious Diseases beyond COVID-19

From 'Fragile Five' in 2013, India now one of the most preferred investment destinations: Secretary, Economic Affairs, GoI

A few sections may have unintended consequences of prohibiting legitimate Online Skill Games operators: FICCI Gaming Committee

GDP growth for 2021-22 projected at 9.1%: FICCI Economic Outlook Survey

Encouraged to note balanced approach of RBI: FICCI

India has opportunities galore amid current reset in global supply chain: Nirmala Sitharaman, Finance Minister, GoI

One billion doses of COVID-19 Vaccine in 10 months a phenomenal achievement: FICCI

FICCI mourns the demise of Mr KantiKumar R Podar, Past President, FICCI

Union Steel Minister Calls for Enhancing Production of Quality Steel; Also Calls for Reduced Dependence on Imports; Sh. RCP Singh Stresses on Importance of Reducing Carbon Footprint while Enhancing Production

FICCI announces the appointment of Mr Arun Chawla as new Director General

Need to ensure localized strategies to address any event of future COVID waves: FICCI-EY Report

Ensure legitimate business decisions by bankers are not questioned in hindsight: FICCI

Minerals Concession (4th Amendment) Rules 2021 to usher next era of growth in Indian Mining sector: FICCI

Indian Army committed to the indigenization efforts of Indian industry: Chief of the Army Staff

Climate plus approach adopted for Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting: Ajay Tyagi, Chairperson SEBI

FICCI-GRMI set-up voluntary 'Model' Code on Risk Management for Indian businesses

Need to scale up CSR interventions to achieve economic growth: Rajashree Birla, Chairperson, FICCI CSR & Community Development Committee

Odisha is resourceful state and connectivity is a key feature in Odisha : Joint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation

DPIIT Can Consider PMP for the White Goods Industry- Anurag Jain, Secretary DPIIT At DPIIT-FICCI Investor Roundtable on PLI for White Goods

Gujarat MSMEs/Start-ups have great potential to contribute to defence manufacturing: Anurag Bajpai, Joint Secretary, Defence Industries Production

Q2 GDP number encouraging; Need to maintain uptick in demand by extending further support: FICCI

FICCI urges government for a uniform policy, especially at all entry points, in the wake of Omicron variant

Sanjiv Mehta is President-Elect, FICCI (2021-22)

RBI's policy statement reassuring: FICCI

FICCI deeply mourns the untimely demise of General Bipin Rawat, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, YSM, SM, VSM, ADC, Chief of Defence Staff, Ministry of Defence

Bright, Bold Future Flagged For India's Streaming Sector

Rajiv Pratap Rudy takes over as Chair of FICCI Forum of Parliamentarians

ग्वालियर में आयोजित हुआ ड्रोन मेला

Raksha Mantri Rajnath Singh & General MM Narawane inaugurated 'FICCI Defence Industry Equipment Display to BIMSTEC Nations' at PANEX-21, CME, Pune

Expansion of vaccination campaign significant step in fight against COVID-19: FICCI

1.5 billion doses of COVID-19 Vaccine in less than 12 months a phenomenal achievement: FICCI

GDP growth estimate on expected lines: FICCI

Suggestions for Union Budget 2022-23

Health for Seniors - A definitive opportunity in the decade ahead

FICCI welcomes Hon'ble PM's statement at WEF highlighting India's leadership prowess

Time to bring progressive law, not ban online games: FICCI Gaming Committee

FICCI mourns the demise of Mr D N Patodia, Past President, FICCI

Budget should focus on improving demand and enhancing capex on infrastructure: FICCI Economic Survey highlights growth in next fiscal to be supported by private investments, exports and supply side reforms

Budget strengthens the drivers of long-term development: FICCI

Thrust of tax proposals in the Budget is to simplify processes, reduce litigation & provide stable tax regime: JB Mohapatra, Chairperson, CBDT

FICCI CASCADE to launch of 'Anti-Smuggling Day' on 11 February

RBI's policy support till broad-based durable recovery is encouraging: FICCI

FICCI mourns the demise of veteran industrialist Mr Rahul Bajaj

FICCI announces appointment of Jyoti Deshpande, Co-Chair of FICCI Media & Entertainment Board

FICCI welcomes SEBI's decision on separation of CMD Position

Landmark moment in India-UAE Trade & Investment relations: FICCI

FICCI-MNRE organize Chintan Baithak 'Roadmap to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2070'

FICCI CASCADE & Ministry of Consumer Affairs join hands to encourage youth to participate in nation building

Momentous to have a 'Chairperson' at the helm of a prestigious institution: FICCI

Consumer Affairs Ministry & FICCI CASCADE bring youth onboard to boost anti-smuggling drive

FICCI announces appointment of Divya Gokulnath, Co-founder, BYJUS as Chair of the FICCI EdTech Taskforce

Key ideas on sustainable mobility deliberated during interaction with Industry and State Transport Commissioners

FICCI Health Services Committee condemns abuse and violence against medical professionals

Japan further accelerates interventions in Northeast, shows keen interest to invest in Sikkim

GDP growth estimated at 7.4% for 2022-23: FICCI ECONOMIC OUTLOOK SURVEY

Functional tap connection to every household by 2024: Secretary, Ministry of Jal Shakti

Continuation of RBI's accommodative stance is welcome: FICCI

Chief Minister, West Bengal graces FICCI's National Executive Committee Meeting in Kolkata

Government to provide all necessary help & assistance to the industry: Chief Minister, West Bengal

Industry Delegation led by Mr Subhrakant Panda, Senior Vice President, FICCI to visit San Francisco

Investment proposals worth 3.42 lakh crores received at Bengal Global Business Summit: Chief Minister, West Bengal

Need to reduce import dependence of India and promote domestic manufacturing: Mansukh Mandaviya

Significant increase in filing of IP applications a positive step: Secretary, DPIIT

FICCI Digital Travel, Hospitality & Innovation Summit, May 6, 2022

Continuous digital nudge by the government across sectors: FM

A good movie made anywhere in the world, and even in India, should be acknowledged - ace Singer Sonu Nigam

National Tourism Policy to be announced soon: G Kamala Vardhana Rao, DG, Ministry of Tourism

India Inc's confidence is Up

Prime Minister to unveil Madhya Pradesh Startup Policy

It's time to enhance Indo-Uzbek private sector cooperation: Mr Furkat Sidikov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs to Uzbekistan

We are looking for a comprehensive agreement between the GCC region & India: Piyush Goyal

Gold, narcotics, and cigarettes are highly prone to outright smuggling: Vivek Johri, Chairman, CBIC

Indian delegation lights up Red Carpet at Cannes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wishes grand success to Cannes Film Festival

Gujarat Police seized counterfeit goods worth Rs 12.5 crore in last 2 years: DIG, CID (Crime & Railways), Gujarat

India-UAE Start-up Corridor to enhance start-up ecosystem between the two countries

Green hydrogen, Solar Energy & nuclear energy are new opportunities for India and Hungary to work on: Meenakashi Lekhi

J&K to remove all shortcomings to boost tourism in the state: Advisor to Lieutenant Governor, UT of J&K

Encouraged to note that the projection for GDP growth for the current year has been retained: FICCI

Govt to focus on Research & Development under National Technical Textiles Mission: Upendra Prasad Singh, Secretary, Ministry of Textiles

FICCI welcomes pathbreaking decision to infuse Agniveers in armed forces

Key decisions taken by the WTO members at MC-12 will benefit India and the developing world: FICCI

Growth Momentum Continues, Employment Outlook Improves in Manufacturing sector: FICCI Survey

FICCI calls for reduction of GST on agrochemicals to 5 percent

UAE Golden Visa awarded to FICCI Director General

FICCI congratulates States for Reforms; Applauds Government of India for Taking Along All States to Push EODB Reforms

Police taking significant steps to curtail illicit trade which pose serious hazard to public health & safety: DIG, Haryana Police

Private sector a critical player; Must get involved in primary healthcare: Secretary, Health & Family Welfare, GoI

FICCI-GRMI launches draft 'Voluntary Code on Risk Management for Indian businesses'

GDP growth estimated at 7.0 per cent for 2022-23: FICCI Economic Outlook Survey

PLI scheme creating robust manufacturing base enabling India to compete globally: Piyush Goyal

Jharkhand shall no more be known for extractions but its attractions are set to mesmerize the country and the world: Jharkhand Chief Minister

FICCI & IPICOL sign MoU for the upcoming 'Make in Odisha Conclave 2022'

India is at the cusp of transformative change with a huge opportunity to transform rural India into model villages: Secretary, Department of Drinking Water & Sanitation

Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme focusing on DISCOMs, launch of National Solar Rooftop Portal are steps towards uninterrupted power supply

Innovation, marketing and distribution key for success of FMCG products: Harsh Mariwala, Chairman, Marico Ltd & Past President, FICCI

RBI has maintained consistency in Policy Statement: FICCI

FICCI welcomes the 'Panchprana' development strategy announced by Hon'ble Prime Minister

5G auction process echoes Govt's proactiveness in 'Ease of Doing Business': FICCI

Growth broad basing with most sectors operating at pre-pandemic levels: FICCI-IBA Bankers' Survey (January - June 2022)

INDIA NEEDS MACHINERY AND TECHNOLOGIES FOR SMALL & MARGINAL FARMERS: Shobha Karandlije, Union Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare

Commissioner of Customs, Nhava Sheva Mumbai Flags off First Intermodal Digital TIR Pilot Transport from India to Iran in INSTC Corridor

FICCI commits to adopt 1 lakh TB patients under the TB Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan

National Logistics Policy would reduce cost and improve competitiveness: FICCI

Digital Agriculture Mission to digitalise the farmer: Manoj Ahuja, Secretary, Agriculture

Atmanirbhar Bharat is not about inward approach, it's about globalization: Subhrakant Panda, Senior Vice President, FICCI

Business will have to be prepared to tackle continued stress in commodity prices over near to medium term: FICCI

Govt to introduce PLI in chemical & petrochemical; planning to redraft PCPIR policy guidelines: Bhagwanth Khuba

Reducing weight of steel by using Vanadium can help decarbonize steel industry: Additional Industrial Advisor, Ministry of Steel

5G launch a big step in ease-of-doing-business and ease of living: FICCI

Homestays empower women in rural areas & has multiplier effect on employment: Economic Advisor, Ministry of Tourism, GoI

FICCI CEO's delegation in USA meets Finance Minister

Data protection framework to be tabled during the Budget session in the Parliament: Lt Gen (Dr) Rajesh Pant, National Cyber Security Coordinator

Need to empower women to improve malnutrition for country to prosper: Secretary, Women and Child Development, Govt of Maharashtra

Subhrakant Panda is President Elect, FICCI (2022-23)

Manufacturing sector growth to sustain in coming months: FICCI Survey

Stringent actions taken by the state have reduced smuggling: Minister for Food and Civil Supplies, Govt of Tamil Nadu

More domains in local languages allow for decentralisation: Jia Rong Low, Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement and Managing Director- Asia Pacific, ICANN

Energy Efficiency, Electrification and Renewable Energy leading India to Secure Net-Zero Pathway: Lalit Bohra, Joint Secretary, MNRE

Aim to increase bilateral trade between India-Turkey to US$ 20 billion from US$ 11 billion: Fırat Sunel, Ambassador, Embassy of Turkey

Experts Urge Co-creation, Upskilling and Shared values for Clean Energy Access at COP27

Need to develop more cooperation between Uttarakhand and Japan in manufacturing, agri and food processing sector: Kunihiko Kawazu, Charge d'affaires ad Interim, Embassy of Japan in India

India Australia ECTA to unleash a new economic paradigm

FICCI-GRMI release the Model Risk Code

UP Police playing significant role in ensuring protection of legitimate businesses from illicit market operators: Joint CP, UP Police

India on the cusp of scientific revolutions; Extended reality, quantum technologies will be game changer in years to come: Principal Scientific Adviser to GoI

FICCI applauds and congratulates the Govt on India officially taking over the G20 Presidency

Smuggling and Counterfeiting more dangerous than life threatening diseases like Cancer and COVID: Samir Kumar Mahaseth, Industry Minister, Govt of Bihar

Cholesterol check must become part of diabetes and BP screening to improve India's Heart Health: Experts

FICCI appreciates RBI's pragmatic approach to nurture growth while keeping Arjuna's eye on inflation: Sanjiv Mehta, President, FICCI

Industry should move much faster in adopting 'Occupational Safety and Health standards' irrespective of the Code: Secretary, Labour and Employment

India's G20 Presidency and Japan's G7 Presidency could set the agenda for the world's future: Bhupender Yadav

Road safety not just an issue of infrastructure or enforcement, but should be treated as a public health issue: Special Commissioner of Police, Traffic Management Division, Delhi

Govt committed to bring down road fatalities & injuries: Director, MoRTH

IPR is an emerging area and research with their results have wider scope in terms of its impact on citizens: Som Parkash, MoS for Commerce and Industry

Hopeful that Budget will continue to lay major thrust on capex: FICCI

Repo rate hike is in line with expectations; RBI expected to remain cautious while focusing on economy achieving full potential: FICCI

FICCI forms Task Force on Financial Sector Regulations

Equal opportunities in innovation and sustainable value chains: Jan Christian Vestre, Minister of Trade & Industry, Norway

Need to collectively think about how blended learning and internet reading affects larger context of education: Secretary, Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Education, GoI

Shailesh Pathak appointed as FICCI Secretary General

West Bengal Industry Minister welcomes Foundation Industries Business Delegation from UK

Growth continues in Q-4 supported by better capacity utilization and investment outlook: FICCI Manufacturing Survey

Tremendous potential for Indian industry in Saudi Arabia's energy transition: Minister of Energy, Govt of Saudi Arabia

FICCI welcomes New Foreign Trade Policy

RBI's pause in policy repo rate is a welcome move: FICCI

Value addition of human resources crucial for New India: Pritiranjan Gharai, MoS, Government of Odisha

FICCI, ICWA sign MoU to collaborate

FICCI shortlists 100 Indian Developers for XROS Fellowship Program supported by Meta

Secretary, Heavy Industries, GoI to address 'FICCI Roundtable on Electric Mobility' on 6th June 2023

Reforms undertaken by govt in dispute resolution to act as incentive for investors and take India-UK relations to new heights: Arjun Ram Meghwal

Can medical tourism be the tie that binds India and Pakistan?     

Hospitals share recommendations for draft policy     

CEPA with Bangladesh can be template for enhancing trade in South Asia: Suresh Prabhu     

Connectivity projects must respect countries' sovereignty, territorial integrity: India     

FICCI FLO champions the cause of Women Entrepreneurs     

CEA Subramanian: Fundamentals of economy 'very very strong'     

Explore Israel, Brazil models for onion storage: FICCI     

Industry should set up online portal to facilitate international patients: Commerce Secretary     

ASEAN-India forum tackles science, tech & innovation     

India, China should break 'strange circle' of ups and downs: Beijing     

FICCI urges govt to revisit tendering system for construction work contracts     

India's farm equipment market to grow to $18 bn by 2025: Report     

Atrocities against girls 'worrisome', 'shameful': Venkaiah Naidu     

FICCI set to organize 9th Global Sports Summit 'TURF 2019'     

BPCL disinvestment a change of stance from Govt: CEA     

Most banks will improve stressed assets by March: SBI chairman     

Dr Sangita Reddy takes over as FICCI president     

Budget 2020: NATHEALTH urges govt for zero-rating GST on health services     

'India, Iran have capacity for book-related collaborations'     

Govt must step in to encourage service providers: Aviation minister HS Puri     

Going ahead, new greenfield airports, existing profitable airports to be privatised: AAI chairman     

Minister KT Rama Rao meets senior functionaries of Aerospace majors in Delhi     

Privatisation will strengthen the civil aviation sector: Hardeep Singh Puri     

Telangana aims to boost air connectivity in state     

TS pursuing plans to propel civil aviation sector     

Aerospace, defence priority for state: Telangana IT Minister KT Rama Rao     

Telangana planning to set up Aerospace University: KT Rama Rao     

Even in deregulated market, govt must step in to encourage service providers: Puri     

Even in deregulated market govt must step in to encourage service providers Puri     

Privatisation will strengthen Civil Aviation sector, says Hardeep Singh Puri     

India poised for exponential growth in aviation sector: Hardeep Puri     

Hyderabad to host Aviation expo from March 12     

Minister KTR meets Aerospace and Defence head honchos in Delhi     

Minister of Foreign Relations successfully concludes first official visit to India     

SCO SG suggests vigorous e-comm partnership among member states     

Jaishankar meets SCO secretary-general, appreciates organisation efforts to promote tourism     

Jaishankar meets SCO Secretary-General, appreciates organisation efforts to promote tourism     

SCO Secretary General suggests vigorous e-comm partnership among member states     

SCO Secy General Vladimir Norov arrives in India on 4-day visit to attend Raisina Dialogue 2020     

Jaishankar meets SCO Secretary-General, appreciates organisation efforts to promote tourism     

FICCI suggests formulation of national railway plan     

'Sentiment among builders, lenders improves in Oct-Dec'     

Delay in notification of e-pharmacy draft rules causing concern in the sector: FICCI     

First Session of India-Norway Dialogue on Trade & Investment (DTI) Convened     

Steel industry seeks duty cut on key raw materials in Budget     

Steel industry seeks duty cut on key raw materials in Budget     

Govt looking at reducing entry barrier in coal mining: Coal Secy     

Govt looking at reducing entry barrier in coal mining: Coal Secretary     

FICCI survey projects FY20 GDP growth at 5%, to improve to 5.5% in FY21     

Gadkari urges industry to cash in on new expressway projects     

Commercial mining of Coal set to modernize coal sector     

Didn't want to repeat error of splurging: FM Nirmala Sitharaman     

Budget gave macro picture of economy: FM     

Indian Foreign Minister urges industry to take greater interest in Central Asia     

Report on 'Diaspora Effect' hopes to highlight contributions of British Indians     

TikTok calls for safer internet with 'Mera Internet' campaign     

Here's what Google, Instagram, TikTok are doing for Safer Internet Day     

TikTok focused on working with civil society, industry for better Internet     

TikTok launches in-app safety campaign #MeraInternet to mark Safer Internet Day     

On Safer Internet Day, here's how TikTok promoted a responsible in-app environment     

Industry leaders discuss online safety     

TikTok launches in-app safety campaign #MeraInternet on Safer Internet Day 2020     

Industry leaders discuss ways to create a positive online environment at FICCI Initiative     

TikTok committed for Digital Safety on Safer Internet Day 2020     

Industry leaders discuss ways to create a safe and positive online environment at a FICCI initiative on Safer Internet     

Piyush Goyal meets ministerial officials in Germany, discusses ways to boost competitiveness among domestic industries     

'Textiles sector vulnerable to increasing counterfeiting'     

China being hit by Coronavirus, India should look at positioning itself as alternative supply source: FICCI     

Better law and order promotes investment: Khattar     

Coronavirus: Suspend NPAs, inject capital for power companies, says FICCI     

Coronavirus news: A day before Janta curfew, PM Modi advises people to stay put in their cities, towns     

SBI tells borrowers, come and take money, opens up emergency credit line amid coronavirus     

FICCI: Due to Corona, 73% merchants have an enormous drop in orders     

Janata Curfew to be observed tomorrow from 7 am to 9 pm across India     

One day before the Janta curfew, PM Modi advises people to stay in their towns and villages     

73% Indian businesses report steep fall due to Coronavirus outbreak     

Coronavirus: Govt allows renewable energy supply chain disruption to be treated as Force Majeure     

Coronavirus: SBI opens emergency credit line for borrowers     

SBI announces emergency credit line for borrowers affected by COVID-19     

SBI offers credit aid     

Economy balm in FM's reply     

Private test price     

What is the cost of COVID-19 misery? When will this end?     

Minute precautions can make monumental impacts: PM Modi on coronavirus     

SBI opens emergency credit line for borrowers amid Coronavirus Pandemic     

SBI opens emergency credit line for borrowers: Coronavirus     

SBI opens emergency Credit Line for Borrowers whose operations are hampered by Coronavirus     

Covid-19 impact on jobs     

Coronavirus: Suspend NPAs, inject capital for power companies, says FICCI     

Coronavirus news: A day before Janta curfew, PM Modi advises people to stay put in their cities, towns     

Covid-19: SBI opens emergency credit line for borrowers     

India to become an Electronic Manufacturing Hub     

FICCI welcomes Cabinet decision on Bulk Drug Parks     

After slowdown FM radio industry faces Covid-19; seeks government support     

Rural India vs Covid-19: Train curbs a relief but challenges remain     

Centre weighing option of suspending all domestic air travel to contain Covid-19     

Now, Covid testing available at 5 facilities in Punjab     

SBI opens emergency credit line for borrowers as businesses grapple with coronavirus     

FICCI atively engages with government to develop a strategy to handle COVID-19     

FICCI atively engages with government to develop a strategy to handle COVID-19     

Coronavirus Impact: 73% Businesses Report big reduction in orders, says FICCI     

Pvt Labs allowed to begin COVID-19 Tests Under ICMR Guidelines     

Certificate course on Covid-19     

Next 10-15 days crucial in dealing with coronavirus and its economic impact: Dr Sangita Reddy     

Covid-19 outbreak: PM Modi exhorts industry bosses not to cut workforce     

Ensure there are no supply hiccups: PM Modi tells India Inc     

Maintain production line of essential commodities, PM Modi tells India Inc     

PM Modi urges industry leaders to continue working from home amid COVID-19 outbreak     

Combating COVID-19: PM Modi to interact with people of Varanasi on March 25     

Unorganised workers have been hit hard, need direct payments, India Inc tells PM Modi     

Coronavirus: Ensure production of essential items not impacted: Modi tells India Inc     

FICCI welcomes Cabinet decision on Bulk Drug Parks     

India's epidemic suspends rail passenger traffic and subways considering grounding domestic flights     

Coronavirus pandemic turns travel plans upside down! Check how cruises, hotels, flights are impacted     

Delhi shopping malls wear deserted look after lockdown     

Coronavirus: SBI sets up Emergency Credit Line for affected borrowers     

How are businesses holding up amidst COVID-19 mayhem?     

FICCI says govt should increase fiscal deficit by 200 bps to weather COVID impact     

Coronavirus hits cash flows of 80% companies, normalcy seen resuming in 3-6 months: Survey     

Coronavirus impact: FICCI urges govt to lend helping hand to M&E, sports sectors     

30 states, UTs announce complete lockdown to contain coronavirus spread     

How NIIT University pivoted to digital, minimized COVID-19 disruption     

Coronavirus impact: Govt bans all passenger flights from 25 March     

Coronavirus pandemic turns travel plans upside down! Check how cruises, hotels, flights are impacted     

MSMEs may not survive if cash flow problem occurs amid lockdown, FICCI tells govt; suggests steps     

IndiGo, SpiceJet hit lower circuit after govt suspends domestic flights     

Ensure production of essential items not impacted amid coronavirus: PM tells India Inc     

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says economic impact of coronavirus outbreak to be felt gradually     

PM interacts with industry on mitigating economic impact of COVID-19     

Ensure production of essential items not impacted: PM tells India Inc     

PM interacts with industry on mitigating economic impact of COVID-19     

Coronavirus in Mumbai: Industry bodies press for stimulus to overcome losses     

Needed: A national economic recovery plan     

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s steps meant to meet legal compliances: Experts     

Finance Minister extends ITR, GST filing dates     

India defers taxes, vows more relief to Counter Pandemic     

Ensure no impact on production of essential Items: PM to India Inc     

8 steps to make Indian systems work smoothly in a coronavirus lockdown     

Indian PM interacts with industry chamber representatives     

Coronavirus: will the lockdown create a supply shock that India simply can’t afford?     

F&B companies want 'essential' pass to clear checkposts, reach you     

IndiGo, SpiceJet hit lower circuit after govt suspends domestic flights     

Coronavirus crisis: Modi's Jan Dhan accounts can be used to help daily wage workers, suggests FICCI     

Startups, MSMEs having queries on Covid-19? Invest India sets up one-stop shop for all your questions     

Mumbai, Delhi property purchases see huge drop     

E-grocers approach PMO for clearance to operate     

IndiGo employees to get full salary even when domestic flights remain suspended due to coronavirus     

Auto sector braces for hard times under COVID-19     

Coronavirus impact: Govt to announce relief on tax return filing     

More Indian airlines could be facing collapse as travel curbs worsen headwinds     

With three-week lockdown, Auto and Aviation sectors face crippling loss in revenue     

Coronavirus crisis: Modi’s Jan Dhan accounts can be used to help daily wage workers, suggests FICCI     

FICCI suggests measures to govt for MSMEs     

Coronavirus: FICCI urges government to lend support to sports sector     

MSMEs may not endure if cash issue happens in the midst of lockdown, FICCI tells government     

Coronavirus: India Inc's 5-point wishlist for Modi     

Analysts warn of volatile market ahead     

Govt says no layoffs, salary cuts as businesses bear brunt of Coronavirus lockdowns     

FIA Global's Bank Mitras spreading awareness on Coronavirus in Rural India     

COVID-19: FICCI offers free management course online for all     

Eco slowdown and Covid-19 double jolt for Indian agri & allied sectors     

India industries scale back operations on lockdown amid pandemic     

FICCI FLO to organize online Hackathon to find non-medical solutions for Covid-19     

FICCI FLO Pune Chapter to organise online Hackathon     

FICCI FLO Pune Chapter to organize online Hackathon to find Non-medical solutions for COVID-19     

FICCI FLO Pune Chapter to organize online Hackathon to find Non-medical solutions for COVID-19     

FICCI welcomes Cabinet decision on Bulk Drug Parks     

Covid-19 pandemic: Finmin writes to RBI on relief measures     

MSMEs to greatly benefit from increase in threshold for triggering IBC against delay in payments     

FICCI welcomes relief measures announced by Finance Minister, it is a good first step     

Retailers facing disruption in service as local authorities creating hurdles     

Covid-19: Goods locked, delivery down, relief in transit     

Covid-19 lockdown: On day 1, government moves to fix supply chain hiccups     

India stares at a crippling supply crisis     

Covid-19: Retailers say staff manhandled by police amid lockdown     

Pvt security cos to back PM's call to support govt machinery; ensure wages during lockdown: FICCI     

MSMEs are in the ICU; a bandaid will not help, say industry representatives     

FICCI suggested the federal government     

Pvt security agencies should consider their workforce 'on duty': MHA     

#StartupsVsCovid19: BigBasket, Grofers back on track after PMO meet     

Amazon cancels non-priority orders to deliver essentials on time     

Pvt security cos to back PM's call to support govt machinery; ensure wages during lockdown: FICCI     

MHA tells Pvt Security Agencies not to lay off Guards or cut salaries     

Pvt security cos to back PM Modi's call to support govt machinery; ensure wages during lockdown: FICCI     

PM Narendra Modi allocates Rs 15,000 crore to tackle coronavirus COVID-19     

National Lockdown: MHA tells pvt security agencies not to lay off guards or cut salaries     

MHA tells pvt security agencies not to lay off guards or cut salaries     

Pvt security cos to back PM's call to support govt machinery; ensure wages during lockdown: FICCI     

Private security agencies should consider their workforce 'on duty' during lockdown: MHA     

Private security companies to back PM Narendra Modi's call to support govt machinery; ensure wages during lockdown: FICCI     

MHA tells pvt security agencies not to lay off guards or cut salaries     

Govt asks private security agencies to pay workers during coronavirus lockdown     

Recovering real estate sector slumps again amid lockdown to curb Covid-19 spread     

Flipkart hits temporary pause, Amazon's grocery service down too     

PM Gareeb Kalyan Scheme will take care of the poor and vulnerable, Says FICCI     

FICCI hails Centre's Rs 1,70,000 cr package for COVID-19 hit poor     

Coronavirus relief package: India Inc welcomes govt's help for poor, expects measures for distressed businesses     

MSMEs welcome govt's decision to bear EPF contribution; to help small businesses in these key areas     

FCI stocks come in handy     

Industry welcomes stimulus measures for poor, vulnerable sections; hopes for stimulus for distressed businesses     

Steps announced by FM Nirmala Sitharaman are critical for vulnerable sections: FICCI     

Industry welcomes stimulus measures for poor, vulnerable sections; now hopes for stimulus to ease pain of distressed businesses     

FICCI hails Centre's Rs 1,70,000 cr package for COVID-19 hit poor     

FICCI hails Centre's Rs 1,70,000 cr package for COVID-19 hit poor     

FICCI welcomes PM Gareeb Kalyan Scheme, it will take care of the Poor and vulnerable, Women, MSME workers, effectively     

Corporates continue to wait for FM’s announcement aimed at businesses     

Steps announced by FM Nirmala Sitharaman are critical for vulnerable sections: FICCI     

Coronavirus Lockdown: Sitharaman announces 1.7 lakh crore relief package for poor     

FICCI hails Centre's Rs 1,70,000 cr package for COVID-19 hit poor     

FICCI hails Centre's Rs 1,70,000 cr package for COVID-19 hit poor     

FICCI welcomes PM Gareeb Kalyan Scheme it will take care of the Poor and vulnerable Women MSME workers effectively     

The industry appreciates the stimulus measures for the poor and vulnerable sectors; hopes of encouragement for distressed businesses     

Immediate need for fiscal intervention for COVID-19 impact: healthcare industry     

COVID-19: Healthcare industry submits joint recommendations to deal with impact     

COVID-19: NPPA asks states, UTs to ensure unobstructed movement of stock, manpower     

FICCI on Recommendations on behalf of Healthcare Industry to deal with COVID-19 impact     

Govt support required to restore supply chains immediately; or India could run out of stocks in 7-10 days: Britannia MD Varun Berry     

Coronavirus blow: SpiceJet returns wet-lease aircraft; cash reserves burn for airlines as demand slumps     

FICCI welcomes relief measures with respect to tax and statutory compliances     

Inter-state goods movement off to a crawl     

Citizens plea to govt for temporary break on EMI, loan repayments in its economic relief package     

Impact of COVID-19 on the Indian economy & workforce     

Economic package: A beginning has been made. More needs to be done.     

Retail industry to face financial crisis: Experts     

FICCI welcomes relief measures announced by Finance Minister     

RBI steps to help mitigate impact of coronavirus lockdown on biz: Industry     

RBI steps to help mitigate impact of coronavirus lockdown on biz: Industry     

India Inc. welcomes repo rate cut     

RBI measures to help mitigate impact of lockdown: Industry     

Coronavirus impact: FICCI lauds RBI's monetary stimulus, urges banks to pass on benefits     

RBI steps to help mitigate impact of coronavirus lockdown on biz: Industry     

RBI measures a welcome relief for Industry: FICCI     

RBI measures will improve confidence in financial system     

RBI steps to help mitigate impact of coronavirus lockdown on biz: Industry     

RBI steps to help mitigate impact of coronavirus lockdown on biz: Industry     

We look forward to all relaxations being transmitted by banks in full and without delay Dr Sangita Reddy President FICCI     

Coronavirus impact: Movies, children's content dominate TV viewership     

The M&E industry clocked in Rs 1.8 trillion in 2019: FICCI-EY report     

Media and entertainment industry hit Rs 1.82 trillion mark in 2019: FICCI-EY Report     

Media and entertainment industry hit Rs 1.82 trillion mark in 2019: FICCI-EY Report     

M&E growth may be flat in 2020 if the Covid-19 crisis ends in a month, says Ashish Pherwani of EY India     

M&E growth may be flat in 2020 if the Covid-19 crisis ends in a month, says Ashish Pherwani of EY India     

Media and entertainment industry in 2019 grew by almost 9% to reach INR 1.82 trillion: FICCI – EY Report 2020     

M&E industry grew 9% in 2019: FICCI-EY report 2020     

Media and entertainment industry hit Rs 1.82 trillion mark in 2019: FICCI-EY Report     

Media, entertainment sector in India to cross Rs 240,000 cr by 2022     

M&E Industry grows at 9% To Reach Rs 1.82 trillion: FICCI-EY     

Media and entertainment industry hit Rs 1.82 trillion mark in 2019: FICCI-EY Report     

Media and entertainment industry hit Rs 1.82 trillion mark in 2019: FICCI-EY Report     

M&E industry in India grew by 8.9 percent in 2019: Report     

The M&E industry clocked in Rs 1.8 trillion in 2019: FICCI-EY report     

Media and entertainment industry hit Rs 1.82 trillion mark in 2019: FICCI-EY Report     

Media and entertainment industry hit Rs 1.82 trillion mark in 2019: FICCI-EY Report     

COVID-19: NPPA asks states, UTs to ensure unobstructed movement of stock, manpower     

Coronavirus in Chandigarh: GMCH-32 equipped to test 70 samples per day     

FICCI welcomes the decisions announced by the Finance Minister     

FICCI hails Centre's Rs 1,70,000 cr package for COVID-19 hit poor     

Coronavirus lockdown: Indian retail sector stares at loss of over 20 lakh jobs     

COVID-19 impact: Private hospitals hit hard, steep drop in OPD footfalls     

Healthcare bodies press govt for fiscal and non fiscal interventions     

Need for urgent fiscal and non-fiscal interventions to deal with COVID-19 impact: Healthcare Industry     

Steps announced by FM Nirmala Sitharaman are critical for vulnerable sections: FICCI     

COVID-19: Take care of employees, workers, says Goyal to industry     

We look forward to all relaxations being transmitted by banks in full and without delay: Dr Sangita Reddy, President, FICCI     

Will speak to banks to facilitate cash flow amid lockdown: FM Sitharaman     

Corporate Affairs Secy addresses concerns of CII, FICCI, ASSOCHAM amid lockdown     

Finance minister plea and pat for banks     

Ministry of Corporate Affairs discusses India Inc's concerns with industry bodies: Nirmala Sitharaman     

Workers are assets, but en-masse migration could make them potential COVID-19 carriers: Goyal     

Centre trying to procure 10 lakh personal protective equipment via MEA     

Coronavirus crisis: SMEs send SoS to govt on salaries; else retrenchment inevitable     

Will speak to Banks to facilitate cash flow: FM     

MCA discusses India Inc's concerns with industry bodies     

Workers are assets, but en-masse migration could make them potential COVID-19 carriers: Goyal     

Workers are assets, but en-masse migration could make them potential COVID-19 carriers: Goyal     

MCA discusses India Inc's concerns with industry bodies     

MCA discusses India Inc’s concerns with industry bodies     

Govt frees movement of goods; assures RBI directive will be followed by all banks     

Media, entertainment sector in India to cross Rs 2.4 lakh crore by 2022     

FICCI-EY report claims Online Gaming to grow at 40% CAGR, reach Rs. 18,000 crores in 2022     

'Nationalisation of hospitals not the solution to tackle Coronavirus'     

E-grocers start utilising available resources of other e-commerce ventures to augment their last mile delivery     

Retail Pooling: Online, offline firms share staff to deliver food, groceries     

Bank of India cuts external benchmark lending rate; MSME, home, other loans to get cheaper     

Transporting essential goods across States still remains a challenge     

India's COVID-19 lockdown: Coca-Cola, Nestle and more MNCs call for F&B manufacturing to be made 'essential service'     

Net traffic surges during coronavirus lockdown, but video streaming cos may need new content to gain users     

'All day' is the new prime time: MX Player     

MX Player top entertainment app in India in 2019: Report     

Small, mid-budget movies may take OTT route before landing in theatres amid COVID-19 crisis     

OOH to reach Rs 46bn level in 2022 from Rs 39.1bn in 2019: FICCI-EY M&E Report     

COVID-19 effect: 2020 estimates for M&E all askew; drop could be as high as 20-25%     

Food Processing ministry forms task force in the wake of Covid-19 to resolve problems of industry: Harsimrat Kaur Badal     

Businesses hit by coronavirus may take months to return to normalcy, even if lockdown lifts in 21 days     

Task force to resolve food industry issues: Harsimrat Kaur Badal     

Coronavirus: Indian events and exhibition sector to take ₹1 trillion hit     

Call to turn vacant flats into quarantine centres     

Financial Year not extended: Three of your Income Tax queries answered     

Industry bodies seek extension to financial year till June 30     

Coronavirus pandemic: Panel led by NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant starts working on response strategy     

Govt to hold discussions with transport unions on raw material supply to food processing cos: Badal     

Industry bodies seek extension of financial year till June 30 amid coronavirus pandemic     

Businesses facing the wrath of coronavirus may take longer to revive     

Industry bodies seek extension to financial year till June 30     

Task force formed to fight Covid-19 effects     

FICCI-EY report: 86% of users in India consume music through radio, 97% through smartphones     

Covid-19 in Gurugram: Garment industry feels the heat of coronavirus curbs     

COVID-hit economy may take six months to recover     

Industry chambers pitch for fiscal stimulus, tax cuts to allay impact of coronavirus on economy     

Coronavirus pandemic hurt nearly half of industry, says survey     

Coronavirus impact: 73% businesses report big reduction in orders, says FICCI     

Modi's 'Stay at Home' call may deepen India’s economic slowdown     

Coronavirus impacting business, reducing cash flow: FICCI     

Multiplex Association of India seeks waiver of rent and CAM dues     

NBFCs request special funding window from banks to handle liquidity crisis     

FICCI calls for balance to normalise economic activity, control COVID-19 spread     

Need financial assistance for private security, facility management, manpower supply: FICCI to FM     

India's insurance industry hit by frauds; insurers pay higher premium to compensate     

Need financial assistance for pvt security, facility management, manpower supply: FICCI to FM     

Industry hails five-day lead time to open units     

RBI's move to infuse liquidity will mitigate financial stress amid COVID-19 lockdown: Formal sector     

This is the time to set their 'house' in order for India's single screens: FICCI-Comscore webinar     

FICCI launches FLO Bhubaneswar chapter     

Access to good content major concern with single screens need capital infusion and technologies FICCI Comscore     

Extend fiscal benefits to the private security industry: FICCI to labour ministry     

Covid-19 Pandemic is having a deep impact on the Indian Economy: FICCI Business Impact Survey     

Firms await stimulus, warn of layoffs: FICCI survey on coronavirus impact     

Firms await stimulus, warn of layoffs: FICCI survey on coronavirus impact     

The government is likely to discuss incentives for India Inc seeking help during the closure of Covid-19     

How Jio and Facebook could work together to make inroads into India's Internet     

Lockdown rules misinterpreted, no legal action against CEOs if employee found COVID positive: MHA     

Tie up with US, UK firms planning exit from China over coronavirus: Gadkari to industry captains     

Lockdown Gadkari reached out to 1.05 cr people says his office     

Subsume multiple levies into GST to cut tax burden on mining sector: FICCI     

Industry seeks special package for metal, mining sectors post lockdown     

FLO Incubator Virtual Start-up Awards 2020     

In the wake of the virus crisis, 87% of business leaders prefer renting training: Report     

87% of the business leaders prefer reskilling over hiring new, as per upGrad - FICCI's whitepaper on     

Centre urges industry players to buy vegetables, foodgrains from farmers to reduce crop losses     

"There is an urgent need to consider the healthcare industry’s triple burden"- Dr Sangita Reddy     

India Revival Mission: How will India recover from the Coronavirus Lockdown?     

Nitin Gadkari Unveiled the FLO Compendium of 100 Stories of Women in MSME     

Turn crisis into opportunity, Gadkari tells entrepreneurs     

Nitin Gadkari unveiled the FLO Compendium of 100 stories of women in MSME     

National sports camps suspended due to COVID-19 lockdown, expected to restart in phased manner from end of May: Kiren Rijiju     

Industry seeks fiscal package, structural reforms     

Turn crisis into opportunity, Gadkari tells entrepreneurs     

7 women selected for contributions in MSME sector     

FICCI suggests resuming operations of downstream industries to minimise COVID-19 impact on cement sector     

Full transcript: Top guns from FICCI discuss how to revive the Indian economy     

FICCI's revised recommendations For 'Survival and Revival’ of Indian Travel and Hospitality Industry     

Helping MSMEs tide over the current crisis     

FICCI and Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas release ‘Entertainment Law Book 2020’ Report     

Minister unveils FLO Report on women participation in Indian Agriculture     

India Inc launches 600 hotel rooms as quarantine facilities     

FICCI launches 'Virtual Healthcare and Hygiene Expo 2020'     

FICCI launches first international 'Virtual Healthcare and Hygiene Expo 2020'     

Can the economic engine restart?     

Women participation in agriculture: What does FICCI recommend?     

FICCI for Rs 10-trillion stimulus package     

PM Modi's Atmanirbhar package strengthens dream of strong India, says FICCI President Sangita Reddy     

Tackling Covid impact: FICCI, Deloitte report moots liquidity bridge of ₹3-4 lakh crore     

FICCI launches a free helpline for Non-COVID patients     

FICCI raises GST issue during COVID-19     

Sebi reaches out to market participants; discusses capital raising, disclosure issues     

Draft National Logistics Policy to be revisited: Govt     

Draft National Logistics Policy to be Revisited : Special Secretary-Logistics     

India- Draft National Logistics Policy to be revisited: Govt     

Big ticket reforms to 'Unshackle' Agri Sector: India Inc on centre's third tranche of economic stimulus     

Big ticket reforms to 'unshackle' agriculture sector: India Inc on third tranche of stimulus     

India Inc on centre's third tranche of economic stimulus     

Covid-19 and the future of India's art industry     

FICCI raises Industry Challenges & Development in GST during COVID-19     

FICCI raises Industry Challenges & Development in GST during COVID-19     

FICCI raises Industry Challenges & Development in GST during COVID-19     

FICCI welcomes RBI's move to cut repo rate, extension of loan repayment moratorium     

'Very important and good steps': FICCI welcomes RBI's repo rate slash     

Railway Board to soon work one-office concept amid COVID-19 crisis     

FICCI FLO Hyderabad hosts inspiring talk by Brahma Kumari Sister Shivani     

Time for digitalizing business processes amidst COVID-19: Mining and Metals Industry Experts     

FICCI FLO Lucknow Chapter organizes virtual event - Reimagining The Great Indian Wedding     

Yogi Adityanath announces jobs for 11 lakh migrant workers, labourers; UP govt inks pact with industry     

Govt signs MoUs with industry to employ 11 lakh returnees     

FICCI FLO webinar with Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat: Inclusive Growth for Transforming India     

UP inks pacts with 4 industry bodies to employ 11 lakh migrants in state     

No new tax in Uttar Pradesh to offset economic impact of covid-19: Yogi Adityanath     

No new tax in UP to offset economic impact of COVID-19: Yogi Adityanath     

No new tax in UP to deal with economic impact of COVID Yogi     

No new tax in UP to deal with economic impact of COVID: Yogi     

No new tax in UP to offset economic impact of COVID: Yogi Adityanath     

Yogi Adityanath says, no new tax in UP to offset economic impact of COVID     

No new tax in UP to offset economic impact of COVID: Yogi     

Food Industry Capacity & Skill Initiative (FICSI) to launch its online training and assessment acade     

India's health tourism sector to revive faster than peers     

Food supply management and agro-business solutions during and post lockdown     

Private hospitals' body, FICCI propose caps on COVID-19 treatment cost     

Anil Kumble: 'Let's get spinners back in Test cricket'     

FICCI FLO Hyderabad Chapter organizes a Power-Hour 3 conversation with noted industrialist G V Prasad     

Govt to mull deadline extension for availing 15% corporate tax: FM Sitharaman     

Not just for MSMEs: Sitharaman clears the air on Covid-19 relief funds     

Dr. Vint Cerf, Father of Internet Awarded Scholarships to 20 Students at Data Science Congress 2020     

India's COVID Emergency Credit Facility not just for MSMEs     

Telangana bid to lure firms moving out of China     

Government to permit exports of banned pesticides on case to case basis: Narendra Singh Tomar     

Govt to permit exports of banned pesticides on case to case basis: Narendra Singh Tomar     

FICCI encouraged by the confidence of rating agencies in India's growth revival     

Power Ministry may consider extension of ISTS charges waiver beyond 2022     

PM Narendra Modi to address launch of auction of 41 coal mines for commercial mining on June 18     

Process of Auctioning 41 coal mines to be launched tomorrow, PM to address     

Govt to begin auction process of 41 coal mines for commercial mining on Thursday     

FICCI-FLO event: Smriti Irani to launch an initiative to improve female participation in workforce     

FBCCI: Joint ventures may benefit Bangladesh, India amid Covid-19     

Bangladesh-India JV can benefit both nations in COVID-19 crisis: FBCCI     

Accept deferred payments to benefit both nations: FBCCI to India     

'BD-India joint venture can benefit both nations in Covid-19 reality'     

'India-Bangladesh joint venture can benefit both nations in Covid-19 reality'     

BD-India joint venture can benefit both nations in COVID-19 reality: FBCCI President     

BD-India joint venture can benefit both nations in COVID-19 reality: FBCCI President     

BD-India joint venture can benefit both nations in Covid-19 reality: FBCCI President     

India-BD joint venture can benefit both nations in COVID-19 reality     

FBCCI for extending deferred LC payment facilities from Indian banks     

PM to virtually participate in mega jobs event organised by Uttar Pradesh government     

'MSMEs must embrace digital tech to stay afloat, emerge competitive'     

FICCI readies 5-point plan to push exports     

Look for alternate sources of supplies, FICCI tells members     

Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath pledges to make UP an economic powerhouse     

Industry writes to Govt as Chinese imports pile up, says supply chain severely disrupted     

To boost demand for electric vehicles, FICCI seeks extension of FAME II     

Extend FAME-II for two years to propel EV demand says FICCI to the government     

Cybersecurity Chief: Can handle hacking threats     

Can handle all hacking threats: Cyber security chief     

NCSC urges firms to get cyber security audit done to preclude foreign apps     

India has cyber security handling capability, priority on promoting indigenization: National Cyber Security Coordinator, GoI     

ECLGS benefits not reaching deserving MSMEs: Report     

'Constant vigilance, consumer awareness key in combating trade of illicit goods'     

FICCI ARISE to organise webinar on ‘Good Screen Time Vs Bad Screen Time’     

70% of Start-Ups have taken a hit due to COVID-19: FICCI Survey     

70% startups hit by Covid-19, 12% shut     

Taking the Temperature Report: Social distancing impacting creative economy over the long-term     

COVID-19: UNICEF, FICCI join hands for action plan to support vulnerable populations     

Covid-19: UNICEF, FICCI join hands for action plan to support vulnerable populations     

COVID-19: UNICEF, FICCI join hands for action plan to support vulnerable populations     

COVID-19 UNICEF FICCI join hands for action plan to support vulnerable populations     

UNICEF INDIA announced its partnership with FICCI for #Reimagine Campaign     

UNICEF India Partners with FICCI for #Reimagine Campaign     

COVID-19: UNICEF, FICCI join hands for action plan to support vulnerable populations     

FICCI Economic Outlook Survey puts projected growth for FY21 at (-) 4.5%     

National Pension system adds 1.03 lac subscriptions for Q1, FY2020-21 in private sector     

Low manufacturing capacity utilisation continues in the unlock phase, says FICCI survey     

Economic revival: Another round of stimulus measures likely, says Niti Aayog VC     

FICCI's virtual Tourism Conclave to discuss way forward for travel sector     

Unlock 3.0: Will schools, cinema halls, international flights restart? Here's what FICCI recommends     

What should open in Unlock 3.0: FICCI     

Govt incentivises manufacturing of APIs & medical devices; here's what it means for the sector     

Industry welcomes govt's move to boost domestic manufacturing of bulk drugs, medical devices     

FICCI, CSIDC discuss investment avenues     

FICCI FLO Chennai Chapter presents 'Women in Family Business Boardroom and Corporate Governance' on 5th August 2020     

Experts welcome RBI's move to restructure MSME loans     

FICCI and OYO launch online certification course for hospitality industry     

FICCI OYO tie up for online hospitality course amid covid     

FICCI - OYO is the first online certification course in the hospitality industry     

FICCI, OYO develops online certification course for hospitality industry     

FICCI, OYO tie up for online hospitality course amid Covid     

FICCI and OYO join hands for online certification in hospitality industry in post-COVID world     

Govt preparing second negative list for defence products; readies roadmap for export boost     

Structured response group critical to manage disaster management: Executive Director, NIDM     

Time taken for forest clearance for coal blocks may get reduced: Coal Secretary     

Over 15 lakh people covered under specialised COVID-19 policies: Irdai chief Subhash C Khuntia     

Seize the Covid-19 opportunity to expand protection business, IRDAI Chairman tells insurers     

The Media and Entertainment industry provides on the job training and there's a huge demand for skilled professionals', says Subhash Ghai     

Honey-Season-2020; FICCI online conference on beekeeping organized     

GDP contraction: Experts hope for immediate measures from Govt, RBI     

Support from Govt critical in survival & revival of Indian Tourism industry: FICCI     

Rajasthan has great opportunity for domestic manufacturing in energy sector: FICCI     

Weak demand foremost challenge confronting India Inc: FICCI-Dhruva Advisors survey     

Will take necessary measures to ensure liquidity and promote growth: RBI Governor     

Assam Government boosts promotion of local goods to counter illicit trade     

Noida to be developed as biggest hub in north India: UP CM     

'Cut import dependence for special grade steel by boosting local capacity'     

Private equity investment in realty plunges 85%     

"Chemicals" sector has huge potential for growth - Shri Gowda     

FICCI applauds promulgation of Defence acquisition procedure 2020     

Ministry to soon kick-start the process of framing rules for three labour codes: Santosh Gangwar     

FLO, the women wing of FICCI signs MoU with NSDC for empowering women through skill training     

Industry welcomes RBI's focus on reviving growth     

FICCI welcomes Rs 1 Lakh crore demand boost to the economy     

UAE, India to discuss healthcare collaboration advances in virtual conference     

Tax only domestic income of foreigners, industry bodies suggest Finance Ministry: Report     

FICCI FLO highlights need to facilitate women entrepreneurs towards joining workforce in India and globally     

Indian economy set to bounce back, emerge stronger from Covid crisis: FICCI     

FICCI call for growth push from govt     

Coronavirus could change how health insurance works     

Travel in India to boom again with 50 per cent people making plans already: Report     

Travel in India to boom again with 50 pc people making plans already, reveals travel survey by FICCI and Thrillophilia     

Eightfold increase in tobacco smuggling during June-Oct 20 : FICCI CASCADE     

Industry hails 'surprising' narrowing in GDP contraction     

Industry, experts say RBI's status Quo on policy rates to aid economic recovery     

RBI keeps interest rate unchanged in its bi-Monthly Monetary policy December 2020: Here is how Industry leaders reacted     

Trade, consultants say RBI's establishment on coverage charges to assist financial restoration     

RBI retains rate of interest unchanged in its bi-Monthly Monetary policy December 2020: Here is how Industry leaders reacted     

Industry, experts say RBI’s status Quo on policy rates to aid economic recovery     

Industry, experts say RBI’s status quo on policy rates to aid economic recovery     

RBI retains rate of interest unchanged in its bi-Monthly Monetary coverage December 2020: Here is how Industry leaders reacted     

Industry, experts say RBI’s status quo on policy rates to aid economic recovery     

RBI keeps interest rate unchanged in its bi-Monthly Monetary policy December 2020: Here is how Industry leaders reacted     

Budget 2021: India Inc seeks competitive import tariffs, I-T rate cut     

FM begins pre-Budget talks with India Inc     

Pre-budget meet: Industry urges govt to prioritize expenditure on health, infra     

Pre-Budget consultations: Divestment, fiscal deficit, infra push feature in FM meeting with industry     

Pre-Budget: India Inc seeks higher infrastructure, health spend     

Budget FY21-22 to lay special focus on infrastructure to Revive Economy     

How digital innovation is driving healthcare space during COVID-19 pandemic?     

EPFO account, ESI contribution: More money in your pocket? Here is what can make it happen     

Right to protest should be exercised to resolve issues, not to perpetuate deadlock: Ficci chief     

Consumer demand to get better with the arrival of COVID vaccine, says FICCI President     

Businesses improving, India Inc expecting better results in 2021: Survey     

Global ayurveda festival from March 12-19     

Fourth Global Ayurveda Festival virtually from Mar 12     

Ayurveda festival from March 12     

Kerala to host Global Ayurveda Festival from March 12     

Global ayurveda festival from March 12-19     

Global ayurveda festival from March 12-19     

Global ayurveda festival from March 12-19     

Global ayurveda festival from March 12-19     

Ayurveda festival from March 12     

'16% of creative sector facing permanent closure'     

Realty Connex - Real Estate 2020 & Beyond     

Why technology is the only path to sustained growth for MSMEs     

Healthcare should be accorded National Priority Status - Dr Alok Roy, Chair, FICCI Health Services Committee and Chairman, Medica Group of Hospitals     

Healthcare should be accorded National Priority Status - Dr Alok Roy, Chair, FICCI Health Services Committee and Chairman, Medica Group of Hospitals     

Healthcare should be accorded National Priority Status - Dr Alok Roy, Chair, FICCI Health Services Committee and Chairman, Medica Group of Hospitals     

'Consciously Speaking' - a terminology book on gender     

Economic Survey reaffirms worst behind us but continuous govt support wanted: Industry     

Monica Nayyar Patnaik Re-Nominated As FICCI Odisha Chairperson     

Railways should diversify freight portfolio say FICCI & CRISIL     

Indian pharma market expected to hit USD 130 billion by 2030: Sadananda Gowda     

Pharma sector to grow to $130 b by 2030: Gowda     

FICCI's contribution invaluable in evangelising sports amongst corporate community: Sanjog Gupta     

UK-India bilateral trade could increase to £50 billion: Report     

FICCI President Uday Shankar welcomes PM Modi's acknowledgment of role of Indian Industry & business     

India Inc's business confidence highest in decade: FICCI Survey     

Business confidence in India touches decadal high: FICCI     

Business confidence in India touches decadal high: FICCI     

Business confidence in India touches decadal high: FICCI     

Avoid crony-lending, aid infra-led growth: CEA to bankers     

Govt working to save lives, livelihood: FM tells India Inc amid COVID surge     

Govt working to save lives, livelihood: Sitharaman tells business leaders     

Centre working to save lives, livelihoods, FM Sitharaman tells India Inc     

Handling second wave: FM Sitharaman reaches out to India Inc     

Do not lock in Telangana, the FICCI's appeal to KCR     

Do not impose lockdown in Telangana, FICCI’s appeal to KCR     

The UKIBC welcomes Prime Ministers Johnson and Modi’s Commitment to an Enhanced Trade Partnership as a Roadmap to a Future Free Trade Agreement     

Ujjwala Singhania takes charge as National President of FICCI FLO     

Shivraj Singh Chouhan dismisses idea of global tender for Covid vaccination     

Vaccination is the only effective way to fight and end the pandemic: Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh     

Bharat Biotech may begin Covaxin trial for 2-18 age group in June     

Covaxin trials on children likely from next month     

Bharat Biotech to begin Covaxin trial for 2-18 age group on June 1     

UK opens 14-week consultation to fire 'starting gun' on FTA with India     

Cancel exams, declare CBSE Results 2021 by mid-July: FICCI     

CBSE, CISCE Class 12 Board Exam 2021 Cancellation: FICCI makes this BIG request from Centre     

Adequate amount of vaccine will be available from August onwards: Amitabh Kant     

FICCI, Sleepwell donate mattresses under COVID Relief work     

FICCI donates 100 each Healthmat mattresses & Fiber pillows for rural covid care centres     

FICCI donates 100 each Healthmat mattresses & Fiber pillows for rural covid care centers     

Akshay Kumar and three different outstanding celebrites to function in COVID-19 consciousness marketing campaign 'Corona Ko Harana Hai'     

Govt launches Project O2 to meet growing demand for medical oxygen     

Vedanta will not go to family: Anil Agarwal     

Good news, now electric scooters and bikes will be available cheaply till 2024, the government has extended the period of the second phase of FAME scheme by two years     

Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman expands scheme for Covid relief to health and tourism     

Government's push for credit guarantee schemes hinges on credit offtake, banks' willingness to lend     

Emphasis on COVID affected sectors in latest relief package was the need of the hour: FICCI     

Industry bodies welcome centre's announcement of relief package to boost economy     

Need to undertake measures to boost demand in the economy: FICCI     

Online Training Programme for Agri & Food Industry on Farmer producer organizations (FPOs) Ecosystem     

Kerala posed to become favoured investment destination: FICCI     

7 lakh vaccine doses available with Karnataka: Health department     

FICCI FLO JK&L Launches first of its kind Health initiative AMAANAT     

One year into reformist NEP 2020     

One year into reformist NEP 2020     

New Uttar Pradesh companies to get priority in BSE, NSE listings     

UP govt to help firms get listed on stock exchanges     

Uttarakhand girl to take over as Canada's High Commissioner for a day     

OTT world goes big on budget     

FICCI FLO JKL celebrates Children's Day at Government Middle School Tikri     

India stops import of 2,851 components used in defence platforms     

Allow COVID booster dose for all, open vaccines to 12+ category: FICCI to govt     

FICCI for cut in quarantine period to 5 days     

Women of Vision program, the celebration with a cause of FLO’s 20 Years of transforming excellence held     

'Northeast Fortnight' at India Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai lay bare the soul of sisterly states     

Star Air wins best domestic airline at Wings India 2022     

Govt to organise Waterways Conclave 2022 in Assam     

Govt to organise Waterways Conclave 2022 in Assam     

India-UAE corridor launched to boost start-up ecosystem between two countries     

India, Qatar launch Start Up Bridge; Qatar to set up Chair on Indian studies     

Vice President Naidu launches     

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu Launches 'India-Qatar Start-Up Bridge'     

Odisha Government secures US$50bln investment in 2 years as it seeks FDI from UAE to fuel high-growth economy     

Pakistan effectively using drones for smuggling, surveillance: BSF DG     

Industry should move much faster in adopting 'Occupational Safety and Health Standards' Irrespective of the code: Secretary, Labour and Employment     

Hassle-free payment, focus on cybersecurity to help promote growth of retail sector: report     

India a bright spot amid global uncertainties: Industry execs