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Inclusive Governance Council

FICCI has established the Inclusive Governance Council that will act as an umbrella body to address issues of governance by creating a consultative platform to bring on board all stakeholders on an ongoing basis.

Key Objectives:

Promoting integrity and preventing corruption and fraud support a level playing field for businesses and are essential to maintaining trust. This underlines the consistent need to update standards, provide guidance, and monitor and enforce them in everyday practice. Media, civil society and the judicial system play a very important role in the fight against corruption.

Laws such as The U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and The UK Bribery Act have a broad territorial jurisdiction. Compliance with these laws is very important because of the potential ramifications they attracts in case of non conformity. These laws play a major role in combating bribery and corruption in international business

Creating Shared Value encourages businesses to create economic and social value simultaneously by addressing society's needs and challenges. There are quite a few companies which have adopted this approach and these constitute good cases to highlight best practices for implementation while meeting the CSR guidelines as set out in the Companies Act, 2013

The strength of our regulators and regulatory mechanism ensures the long term strength of the industries they regulate. FICCI strives to play a role in ensuring strengthening of our regulatory bodies

Issues on Global Governance such as Internet Governance, issues of Global Commons, Human Rights and IPR are frequently discussed in the global corporate domain and have assumed great significance. Issues on National Governance such as public governance and ethics, particularly in the context of ease of business at the State Government and local levels are equally important and need to be strengthened


Seminar on Anti-Bribery and Corruption - Navigating Corruption Risks and Encouraging Ethical Conduct

Nov 26, 2014, Mumbai


Concept note on Preparing a Code of Conduct