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Session: Missiles and Gun Systems for a Future Ready Naval Force

The Navy Perspective

Presentation By R ADM Dinesh K Tripathi, Indian Navy

Perspectives on Missiles

Presentation By Mr. Bill Forsberg, SAAB

Perspective on Missiles (Systems and Controls)

Presentation By Dr A Bashir,Tata Power SED

Session: Propulsion & Power Generation

The Navy Perspective – Challenges & Opportunities

Presentation By RADM K M Deshmukh, Indian Navy

National Competence in Marine Gas Turbine Propulsion

Presentation By Cdr C H V Sudhakar, Indian Navy

National Competence in Marine Propulsion – The Road Ahead

Presentation By Cdr Manish Singh,Indian Navy

Session: Torpedo and Directed Energy Weapons

The Navy Perspective

Presentation By R Adm O P S Rana, Indian Navy

Perspective on Torpedoes (Propulsion and Frame)

Presentation By Mr. Francois Savy,Atlas Electronics

Perspective on Torpedoes (Homing and Systems)

Presentation By Dr Abraham Varughese,NSTL

Session: Surveillance and Detection Systems

The Navy Perspective: Future Networks Warfare Concept

Presentation By RAdm S J Singh, Indian Navy

AEGIS Weapon Systems - Today and Tomorrow

Presentation By Mr Parag Sehgal, Lockheed Martin

Review of Advanced Electro optical System

Presentation By Mr Ikbal Singh, VEM Technologies

Network Centric Naval Warfare

Presentation By Mr Nikos Ghikas, Interoperability Systems International S.A.

Session: Futuristic Trends in Propulsion and Power Generation Technologies - Electric & Nuclear

The Navy Perspective on Nuclear Propulsion

Presentation By Captain Vikram Bora, Indian Navy

The Navy Perspective on Full Electric Propulsion

Presentation By Capt Lavneesh Dhawan, Indian Navy

Integrated Electric Propulsion and Power Generation for Ships

Presentation By Mr. Ravindra S Mahajan, L&T EAIC

Advanced Propulsion Technologies for Electric Ship Architecture

Presentation By Mr Sanjeev Kakkar, GE Aviation Military Systems

Propulsion Systems for Aircraft Carrier

Presentation By VAdm Bertrand Aubriot, DCNS

Session: Naval Aviation Futures

The Navy Perspective

Presentation By RAdm P G Pynumootil, Indian Navy

Air Early Warning & Control Technologies

Presentation By Cmde G Sharma (Retd.), Northrop Grumman

Future trends in Naval Multi Role Helicopters

Presentation By Mr Rohit Kumar, Airbus Group

Future trends in Naval Multi Role Helicopters

Presentation By Mr Fabrice Dumenil, MBDA

Emerging Aero Engine Technologies

Presentation By Mr Sasikumar Muthusamy, Rolls-Royce

Future Trends in Naval Helicopters

Presentation By Mr. Oleg Konovalov, Russian Helicopters

Session: Submarine Technologies

The Navy Perspective

Presentation By RAdm Mohit Gupta, Indian Navy

Future Submarine Platforms and Technologies

Presentation By Mr Andreas Grunicke, Thyssnkrupp Marine Systems India Pvt Ltd (TKMS)

AIP Technologies/ Stored Energy Devices

Presentation By Dr M Patri, NMRL

Sonars for Submarines

Presentation By Cmde A. Jai Singh (Retd) Atlas Electroniks

Session: Autonomous Vehicles for Naval Applications

The Navy Perspective

Presentation By RAdm Srinivas Kanugo, Indian Navy

Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles

Presentation By Dr Manu Korulla, NSTL

Adding Naval Capability with Modular AUV Technologiy

Presentation By Mr Michael Berg, SAAB

Unmanned Surface/ Under Water Craft

Presentation By Capt Oded Fisher, Rafael

Session: Coastal Surveillance and Response Systems and Platforms

The Navy Perspective

Presentation By VAdm Anil Kumar Chawla, Indian Navy

The Coast Guard Perspective

Presentation By IG V S R Murthy, Indian Coast Guard

Coastal Surveillance Radar Technologies (HF SWR)

Presentation By Raytheon

Fast Interceptor Crafts

Presentation By Cdr K S Nathan (Retd.), L&T

Session: Future of Defence Shipbuilding in India

Evolution of Japanese Shipbuilding and Lessons for India

Presentation By RAdm S Y Shrikhande, Indian Navy

Presentation by Mr Bernard Buisson

Presentation By Bernard Buisson, M/s DCNS

Conceptual Model of Advanced Aircraft Carrier

Presentation By VAdm Valdimir V Pepelyaev (Retd.) Krylov State Research Centre

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Submarine Technologies : Part 3
Source: FICCI