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AgTech: A smarter route to sustainable agriculture

Knowledge report ‘AgTech: A smarter route to sustainable agriculture’ has been prepared with aim to present the current challenges Agtech Startups are facing and how they would be driver for sustainable agriculture through innovative and affordable technology. Report provides a global and Indian perspective on growing need of sustainable agriculture and positions Agtech Startups as a strong agent of change.

FICCI PwC Knowledge Report emphasizes that the requirement of food is growing year on year however the land area producing the crops are more or less the same. World is going to face a challenge to ensuring food availability for approx. 9.73 billion people by 2050 while sustaining the environment at the same time. Solution to this lies in innovative and smart technological solutions for increasing crop production and maintaining ecological balance.

Secondly, the climate change poses a severe threat to crop yield and thus ensuring food security is going to be a challenge in future. Agriculture alone contributes to 25% of GHGs emissions and it becomes exigent to adopt and promote agricultural practices that ensure food security while conserving environment at the same time.

Report recommends a four pronged “UDAI” approach for achieving sustainable agriculture through Agtech Startups

  • Unique solutions for regenerative practices & natural solutions are imperative.
  • Developing transparency & traceability system is important for future agriculture
  • Adequate training & education to service providers & farmers is vital
  • Innovation through R&D and fostering networking culture needs to be promoted.

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