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Sector Overview

The Resource Conservation & Management (RCM) division was formed as part of FICCI's initiatives to promote and provide integrated services to the industries in enhancing their competitiveness and productivity, particularly through process optimization and improvements, sustainable use of resources (raw materials, energy, water,etc) and the effective management of wastes generated. FICCI's specialist team provides technical advisory services in analysis and management of resources, and in capacity building and institutional strengthening. RCM group of FICCI also supports various government institutions, such as Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Petroleum Conservation & Research Association (PCRA), and Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) who have primary responsibility for energy & environment sustainability by conducting techno-feasibility studies. The RCM division is equipped with qualified and experienced personnel, some field instruments/gadgets for taking up water and energy audit studies.

The key objectives of the FICCI RCM Division are to:
  • Provide consulting services to all sectors of the Indian economy in the areas of Energy, Environment, Water and Plant Maintenance through Energy Audits, Water Audits, Environment Audits and Equipment Diagnostic Studies.
  • Sensitize all stakeholders like end users, technology providers (domestic & international), consultants, and government bodies to adopt various resource conservation options and technologies.
  • Undertake detailed techno-feasibility studies in various sectors to identify technology gaps, and evaluate resource conservation potential.

The RCM division has addressed many specific genuine industrial issues like resource conservation in Electrical & Thermal Utilities, Machinery Health Management, Reliability Engineering, Safety Engineering, Hazardous Waste Management, Corrosion Prevention & Control etc. The RCM division is closely working with national organizations like BEE, PCRA, and CPCB apart from relevant ministries and departments. We have also joined hands with international organizations like GTZ, ECCJ, UNIDO, USAID in taking up various technology issues.