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Sector Overview

Key Players:

Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Ministry of Finance, National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), National Skill Development Agency (NSDA), State Skill Missions

Major Issues/Concerns:
  1. Government schemes with multiple certification systems further fragment industry initiatives. We need consolidation and scale to happen. The country needs more participation from private players and industry.
  2. The unorganized sector which constitutes about 93% of the workforce is not supported by any structural system of acquiring or upgrading skills. Training needs in this sector are highly diverse and multi skill-oriented. Further there is no certification system for a large chunk of workers, who do not have any formal education but have acquired proficiency on their own
  3. Another concern is the availability of information on skills development. There are many examples of good and innovative practice in India, but they can sometimes go unnoticed or have low visibility.
  4. A basic problem with the skill development system is that the numbers, quality and skill types - system is non-responsive to labour market, due to a demand -supply mismatch on several counts.
  5. The advent of Intelligent Automation and Robotics will change the skill development ecosystem; all the stakeholders need to come together to make Indian workforce “future ready”. We still don’t have a structure in place to meet the growing challenges of Industry 4.0 technological advancements.

FICCI's Engagement

FICCI recognizes that Skills Development is an important imperative for achieving India's ambitious growth targets. It is committed to working with the stakeholders, especially the industry, government and academia to create sustainable and scalable skills propositions which will benefit the youth of the country from all sections of society. With this context, FICCI through its Skills Development activities is pursuing the following vision:

FICCI Skill Development Committee offer support and facilitation services through:
  1. Policy Advocacy
  2. Industry Intervention
  3. International Collaboration
FICCI SDC seeks to achieve its vision by:
  1. Identifying and engaging ‘right’ stakeholders to facilitate collaboration
  2. Creating knowledge repository of various initiatives which feeds into policy making and industry engagement
  3. Enabling international collaboration to position India as skills gateway of the world

FICCI Stand:

  1. Engage Industry to participate in skilling activity by engaging with CEO’s and senior management.
  2. Expose skill providers to international best practices to improve quality and delivery (also with best practices of Industry 4.0 related training and skilling activities.)
  3. Aggregate Industry efforts through sectoral approach and a systematic labour market information System and quality standards.