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Use of Artificial Intelligence in HR opening new vistas and leading to better results: Anna Roy, Advisor, NITI Aayog

Nov 19, 2018


NEW DELHI, 19 November 2018: Ms. Anna Roy, Advisor (DM&A, Industry), NITI Aayog said here today that the use of disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) was pervasive in all sectors and verticals. Human Resource (HR) being one of most important vertical is bringing new opportunities to the fore and giving rise to new areas, leading to better results.


Speaking at the '3rd Edition of the FICCI HR Conference 2018' organized by FICCI on the theme of - 'Redesigning HR in the Era of Disruptive Technology', Ms Roy said "The essential thing is how do you reskill your workforce and how do you connect with the academia and other parts of the ecosystem to ensure that you hire right set of people.


So, skilling and re-skilling is crucial to the whole debate around HR". The need of the hour for FICCI is to focus on how we tackle the skilling and re-skilling aspect and challenges, she added.


She stressed upon the need for a greater connect between the industry, academia and the government to ensure that the education system is robust and for which she, on behalf of NITI Aayog, called upon the industry to partner with NITI Aayog in making of adoption of new technologies and making it more immersive within enterprises.


Ms Roy also released report on 'Are we ready for the future - A report on HR readiness for the new digital wave'.

Mr Sreekanth ArimanithayaSenior Vice President, Integrated Workforce Management and India Co- Managing Director - DXC Technologies said that today HR is no more a support function. HR has a seat at the table not as a function, but as business leader.

Mr Ranjan MohapatraDirector HR, Indian Oil Corporation, said that predication about the future cannot be based on historical precedent or conventional wisdom. The digital disruption is the new normal. It has challenged the status quo, affecting all industries and reshaping the value chains and therefore altering the consumer behavior and expectations as well. He added that everyone is affected in modern era of digital disruption. The key is to adapt and embrace digital transformation.