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Consent of Individual rock bottom of the Data Protection: Justice BN Srikrishna

Oct 22, 2020

BENGALURU, 22 October 2020: Justice BN Srikrishna, Chairman, FSLRC, Indian Jurist & Retired Judge, Supreme Court of India today said that in the triangular forces, the citizen is the most important factor. The State and businesses exist only because of citizens and not vice-versa, he added. 

Addressing a FICCI webinar on the Data Protection BillJustice Srikrishna, said that individual consent must be given greater importance while using data by the companies. Protecting the privacy of the individual cannot be compromised at any cost. "Consent is the rock bottom of everything. The purpose of the Data Protection Bill is to provide for the protection of privacy of individuals relating to their Personal Data," he said.  

The right of the state must be considered so that the state is in a position to make sure that a citizen's rights are protected. 'A fundamental right cannot be abridged except by a parliament enacted law. The executive orders cannot abridge a fundamental right without a warrant of authority from parliament," said Justice Srikrishna

Elaborating further, Justice Srikrishna said that the privacy of personal data is a fundamental right. The law must declare the objective and it must also have a rational connection between the law and the objective. "Community-generated data is input by citizens themselves," he added.  

Speaking at the webinar, Mr Ullas Kamath, Chairman, FICCI Karnataka State council observed that data has become the source of business decision making and there is a need for new thinking and new concepts to structure an interdisciplinary discussion while formulating approaches that ensure the protection of personal data as well as innovation in service and policy development. 

The webinar was also addressed by Dr Akhil Prasad, Country Counsel, India, Boeing India Pvt Ltd; Mr Kumar KV, Group Head, IT, Narayana Health; Mr Lakshminarayanan R, Director & Head IPR, Samsung R&D India. 

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