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Map_IT ready to collaborate with Industry for Drone Technologies and Services: Nandkumarum, CEO, MAP_IT

Apr 24, 2021

NEW DELHI, 24 April 2021: Mr Nandkumarum, Chief Executive Officer - Madhya Pradesh Agency for Promotion of Information Technology today said that the opportunities for businesses to develop around drone technology is enormous and it's changing the way industries are doing business.

Addressing a session on 'DRONES Through the Entrepreneurial Prism Integrating Drone Technology to Achieve Atmanirbhar Madhya Pradesh', organized by FICCI Young Leaders Forum, he said that drone technology in India represents a huge opportunity for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. "We have established a well-equipped state-level drone unit to promote drone technology to various users in the govt department by designing the state Drone Policy," he said.

"We have designed technical specifications for various types of Drone Survey," said Mr Nandkumarum.

Highlighting the importance of the drone surveys for various departments he said, the survey through the technology helps in promoting tourism, conserving architectural monuments, and further enhancing the value of the locations.

MAP_IT is looking for industries who can build and supply government approved professional drones with RTK support along with proper registration and DAN, he said. "We want to associate with agencies who are ready to provide drone flying services and acquire data as per defined technical specifications," said Mr Nandkumarum. To carry out smooth Drone survey, MAP_IT is looking forward to building alliances with agencies who fulfil the required criteria, he added.

It is crucial, he said for any individual or entrepreneur involved in the ecosystem of drone technology to understand the regulations and the permissible usages to be able to design this new-age technology for the best advantages to customers and target market.

Mr Shrikant Thakker, Lead, Drones Centre of Excellence - EY said that the key technology trends are enhancing the effectiveness of drone solutions, pushing their boundaries, and giving rise to newer applications.

Dr Sandeep Goyal, Additional Project Director, MAP_IT said that we want industries to join hands with us so that we can promote drone technology in Madhya Pradesh. As technology is growing the demand for high-resolution images are growing so the drone is the only solution to this demand, he added.

Mr Rajan Luthra, Chair, FICCI Committee on Drones and Chairman's Office Head - Special Projects - Reliance Industries Limited, said that drone is a transformative technology and any state that take the initial proactive step towards adopting its usage will benefit in the long term.

Mr Ankit Mehta, Co-Chair, FICCI Committee on Drones and Co-Founder & CEO, ideaForge Technology Pvt Ltd said that every state must look at the advantage of their geography to get the true outcome of the drone technology. He further stated that the steps taken by MAP_IT are commendable which will lead to significantly better analysis.

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