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Need for quality revolution not just in manufacturing but services sector also: VK Saraswat, Member, NITI Aayog

Nov 22, 2022

Govt to soon introduce PLI scheme for toys for BIS compliant products: Anil Agrawal, Additional Secretary, DPIIT

 BIS Aiming Towards System to Minimise the Factory Inspection To Reduce Compliance Burden on Industry: Mr Pasricha, DDG BIS

 Products covered by 379 Indian Standards notified for compulsory BIS certification So Far

  • More than 94% of applications for licence disposed off within timeframe by BIS

NEW DELHI, 22 November 2022: Dr V K Saraswat, Member, NITI Aayog today stated that today quality plays a very critical role in both manufacturing and services sector. He added that services sector contributes largely to the Indian GDP as compared to manufacturing sector. "Given the large share of services in our economy, we need to look at quality in the service sector too. Quality is very important in the services sector and the span of quality implementation becomes much larger if we look at areas like tourism, healthcare, telecom, agriculture etc.," he stated.

Addressing the '9th FICCI Quality Systems Excellence Awards & Conference for Industry', Dr Saraswat said that the umbrella of quality includes the quality management system, quality assurance and quality control system. The primary factors affecting the quality, he said, are leadership, engaging with people, process adoption and need to have continuous improvement program along with relationship management. Emerging digitized and interconnected production systems in the era of the 4th industrial revolution have triggered the need for reshaping the traditional quality management and role of quality professionals," he added.

Emphasizing on the quality for Industry 4.0, Dr Saraswat said that industry should adopt 'Smart Quality' in their working. It is a framework for which companies can apply to redesign through quality processes and create value for organization. Smart Quality consists of 5 building blocks which include smart quality controls, smart quality assurance, process and product and smart compliance system. "Predicting the future of quality in ever changing world can be very challenging and we need to have systems perspective, systematic change adoption along with integrating sustainable development," he added.

Speaking on the session 'Quality by Regulation and Policy', Mr Anil Agrawal, Additional Secretary, DPIIT said that the government is coming up with the PLI scheme for manufacturing of toys in the country for BIS compliant products. "Any product that complies with BIS standards for toys is an eligible product for PLI" he added. He also mentioned that ever since the introduction of Quality Control Order for toys, more than 85 per cent of toys are found to be safe for children as per the market survey.

Mr Agrawal further stated that since the introduction of PLI scheme in the air conditioner sector, the industry has increased production. "Now we are thinking of making India a manufacturing hub for global markets," he noted. He further stated that Quality standardization needs to be led by the industry. He also urged the industry to proactively work in areas of innovation, standardization, metrology, conformity assessment and market surveillance to be able to cater to global markets.

Mr H J S Pasricha, Scientist-F & Deputy Director General, BIS said that BIS is working to reduce the compliance burden for the industry and shifting to adopt the risk-based surveillance approach along with doing away with the factory inspection for those players who show consistent compliance with the regulations. "We will also introduce a system of self-compliance report in our portal for all registered manufacturers to further help the industry," he added. He also said that more than 94 per cent of applications for licenses have been disposed off by BIS within the stipulated timeframe.

Mr Shyam Bang, Chairman, FICCI Taskforce on Manufacturing Excellence said that the approach today is to improve the quality systems in the industry and make it globally competitive. Our efforts are to encourage more MSMEs to learn the best practices and adopt in their system.

Mr Alok Shriram, Senior National Executive Committee Member, FICCI; Vice President, AIOE and Senior MD & CEO, DCM Shriram industries said that projects and schemes like PLI, Sagarmala, Bharatmala, Startup India will provide strong foundation and infrastructure support to enable the sustained growth of industry and the country and this needs to be complemented by the good quality products and systems by the industry that the world will recognize with India.

List of awardees for 9th FICCI Quality Systems Excellence Awards is attached

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