FICCI Compendium : Best Practices adopted by Agri Startups to address Covid-19 Challenges in Agri & Allied Sector

July 2020 | Agriculture
Agriculture and food supply chain was broken and disrupted due to Covid- 19 pandemic. This forced players across the agriculture value chain to remodel day-to-day operations. There were many Agritech startups who pivoted their models and went out of their way to help farmers, FPOs, supply chain players to keep the operations running on the ground. Agritech ecosystem played an important role to keep the food and Agri supply chain rolling amidst lockdown situation. This compendium lists 12 such case studies talking about Agri startups who adopted best practices to address the challenges posed by global pandemic in agriculture and allied sector. Each of the case study is inspirational and offer huge learning for the ecosystem in terms of how to fight a crisis with frugal resources.

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