Business Actions for Biodiversity Conservation | From Principles to Practice

June 2024 | Environment & Climate Change

FICCI, in partnership with UNDP, released the report titled “Business Actions for Biodiversity Conservation: From Principles to Practice”, on World Environment Day 2024 in New Delhi.

Businesses’ commitment to biodiversity should not be only an ethical obligation but also a strategic imperative. By integrating biodiversity considerations into business models, companies can enhance their resilience, innovation, and long-term sustainability. Sustainable practices contribute to a positive corporate reputation, meet the growing demands of environmentally conscious consumers, and comply with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. The report would serve as a guide, outlining the various international, national, and state level frameworks and guidelines that the industries could refer to in strategizing their mitigation actions and promoting biodiversity conservation.

The report also provides insights on activities and innovative approaches used by businesses in complying to norms of National Biodiversity Authority, which could add value to others for similar adoption. The case studies presented in this report serve as a testament to the transformative power of sustainable business actions in safeguarding our natural heritage.

This compendium is our effort to make known the positive difference industry is making towards addressing the problem of biodiversity conservation and management.

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